EXPRESSIONS Will Be the Third Installment of the DREAM CATCHERS SERIES Released Sept. 20th!

EXPRESSIONS is the third and final installment to Sandy Lo’s DREAM CATCHERS SERIES set to be released Tuesday, September 20, 2011 for Kindle and Paperback.  The book is a series of vignettes written from the point-of-view of various characters throughout the book series.  “This…

Breaking The Moon (Dream Catchers Series Book 2)

Haley is faced with new obstacles while trying to understand her boyfriend, Jordan’s tormented past.

Procrastinating The End Of An Era

I’ve been whining and tweeting about finishing “Breaking The Moon” for a month or so now.  I will finish this novel and it will be tomorrow.  It’s like I said in one of my tweets: “Finishing a novel is like saying goodbye; that’s why…

SNEAK PEEK: New Novel in the works BREAKING THE MOON

BREAKING THE MOON is the follow-up to 2010’s release, DREAM CATCHERS.  Haley, Jordan & Tortured are back!  Synopsis coming soon.  For now, here’s a sneak peek dedicated to Sandy’s Twitter followers for all their retweeting and Follow Friday’ing!  Follow the progress of this book…

Dream Catchers (Dream Catchers Series Book 1)

A romantic comedy about Haley, a sheltered snob and Jordan, a carefree rock star.