EXPRESSIONS Will Be the Third Installment of the DREAM CATCHERS SERIES Released Sept. 20th!

EXPRESSIONS is the third and final installment to Sandy Lo’s DREAM CATCHERS SERIES set to be released Tuesday, September 20, 2011 for Kindle and Paperback.  The book is a series of vignettes written from the point-of-view of various characters throughout the book series.  “This was my chance to give a voice to some of the minor characters like Jordan’s brother Drew and the infamous Bippy Reynolds,” explains Lo.  “If you enjoyed DREAM CATCHERS and BREAKING THE MOON, this is the perfect 50-page quick read to compliment them.”

DREAM CATCHERS was first released in January 2010 and garnered independent book sales for Sandy Lo, especially in New York and on Kindle.  “LOST IN YOU was my first novel and it put my name out there, but with DREAM CATCHERS, I’m still receiving royalty checks from Amazon and keep selling out of copies at book signings,” she says.

Sandy Lo followed the book up with BREAKING THE MOON, which delved deeper into the love story between Haley and Jordan and all of the complications that came along with it.  “Releasing a sequel is a slower moving process, especially since so many people still need to read DREAM CATCHERS, but the exciting part is the more people who read that first book come back and want BREAKING THE MOON, and I’m hoping they’ll want EXPRESSIONS as well,” Lo says.

Fans of TORTURED, the fictional rock band from the series, will be happy to know EXPRESSIONS will feature five never before seen song lyrics.  Originally, Sandy Lo wanted to record an entire album of Tortured songs with the help of friend, musician and songwriter, James Manzello.  “Unfortunately, James doesn’t have much free time these days and with no funding backing us, we had to lay that idea to bed for the time being.”

In November, just in time for the holiday season, Sandy Lo plans to release a collector’s edition of the entire DREAM CATCHERS SERIES.  It will be the first hard cover release from the author.

Earlier this month, Lo left her home state of New York to relocate to Nashville in order to write her next novel, THE WATCH DOG, which is set in Nashville.

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