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Patrick “Dilly” Dillon has been lifeless ever since he lost his wife in a tragic car accident. He’s desperate to reconnect with her and hopes one day she’ll come back to him as he sits in their favorite café day after day. He still orders two cups of coffee, hoping he’ll look up from his sketch book and see his Margaux’s face across from him with her hands wrapped around a mug.

The world is different now that she’s gone. Food is tasteless, the sun dim, and Dilly can’t remember the last time he felt the touch of another human being, even though he remains close to the baristas at Café Conquistador. Life will never be the same…

That is until a stunning young woman enters the café one day.

Jocelyn sees Dilly unlike anyone else and he can’t help but feel guilty for feeling drawn to another woman… There is just something about Jocelyn that feels familiar to him and he’s not sure why.

Legend has it that the Café Conquistador is haunted. Maybe it’s just tall tales or maybe it’s wishful thinking by the Conquistador baristas who miss seeing the most in love couple they’ve ever known sipping coffee together every morning.

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A reflective blog during this time of quarantine.

New Book Announcement!

Book 7 in the Dream Catchers Series will be out in 2020 and is titled "Fanning The Fame"! Get the details.

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Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees penned the forward of a special collector's edition of the Dream Catchers Series.

"Sandy Lo is one of my favorite authors. Her characters always have great depth, and her stories are extremely engaging. Sandy has interviewed me a number of times, and her friendly and infectious personality guided me to check out her wonderful work. DREAM CATCHERS is an amazing book, and I'm certain that BREAKING THE MOON will take Sandy and her readers to the next level."
Jeff Timmons
98 Degrees
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