Legend has it that the Café Conquistador is haunted. Maybe it’s just tall tales or maybe it’s wishful thinking by the Conquistador baristas who miss seeing the most in love couple they’ve ever known sipping coffee together every morning. [Read more…]

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"Sandy Lo is one of my favorite authors. Her characters always have great depth, and her stories are extremely engaging. Sandy has interviewed me a number of times, and her friendly and infectious personality guided me to check out her wonderful work. DREAM CATCHERS is an amazing book, and I'm certain that BREAKING THE MOON will take Sandy and her readers to the next level."
Jeff Timmons
98 Degrees
"Amazon recommended Dream Catchers as something I would like and after reading the sample I couldn't hit Buy fast enough. I was hooked from the first page and I couldn't put it down. The characters are likeable and the story captivating. I loved Jordan and Haley and I cannot wait to read the second installment which is already waiting in my kindle. Definitely worth the 4.99 price tag and then some."
Eli B.
Dream Catchers Review
"I loved this book! It had really great intrigue, romance, and so much drama! The storyline was something I could see easily turned into a movie. Can't wait to read another one from this great author!"
Lost In You Review
Author Sandy Lo