SNEAK PEEK: New Novel in the works BREAKING THE MOON

BREAKING THE MOON is the follow-up to 2010’s release, DREAM CATCHERS.  Haley, Jordan & Tortured are back!  Synopsis coming soon.  For now, here’s a sneak peek dedicated to Sandy’s Twitter followers for all their retweeting and Follow Friday’ing!  Follow the progress of this book on Twitter:  You can also follow Tortured and their music releases:


Spoiler Alert Warning:  If you haven’t read DREAM CATCHERS, reading further will give too much information on that book.  Stop now!  If you’ve read Dream Catchers, by all means, proceed…Feedback is much appreciated!  Please comment below.  Thank you!

December 20th

The sound of a baby crying rang through my head like church bells tolling.  She was my baby; making the most beautiful sound I have ever heard though haunting at the same time.  The sound was shrill and consistent, as if the baby needed to be picked up.  Somehow I knew the baby was a she.  Daddy’s little girl.

I couldn’t find her no matter where I looked.  Times Square.  Battery Park.  Columbus Circle.  Every direction I turned was a mistake.

I was wandering New York City looking for someone I wasn’t sure even existed.  Every turn I made seemed to bring me further away from the crying.  The city was desolate; no honking horns, no tourists.  The lights of the buildings and streetlights were far too dim to be accurate.

I turned onto a dead end street and the last person I wanted to see was standing there; with her long, flowing chestnut hair and dramatic make-up.  She looked plastic.  Had she always looked that way?  Why was I ever attracted to someone like Bippy Reynolds?

“She’s gone, Charlie.”

Bippy used my birth name—the name I tried so hard to escape; my father’s name.

“Where’s my baby?”

I was frantic now as I stared at my ex-girlfriend.  The same ex-girlfriend who killed the life we made before it could even be born.

“What did you do to her?” I snarled with pure hatred.

“I did nothing,” Bippy smirked.  “Haley killed her.”

She laughed heartlessly at her statement before vanishing into thin air.  The baby’s cries stopped as soon as Bippy disappeared.

Her words made no sense to me.  Haley would never hurt someone intentionally—especially not an innocent child.  My girlfriend wouldn’t deceive me the way Bippy had.

Now, I could hear the sobbing of an adult.

Haley’s sobbing.

I turned around and she was sitting on the floor in hysterics.

“I’m so sorry, Jordan.  I can’t be with you anymore.”

I woke up startled.  My breathing was shallow and I turned to look at Haley lying next to me, thankful she was in my bed.  It was just a dream—no, a nightmare.  I wondered if there was any meaning behind it, but like I had told Haley when she kept having bad dreams about public nudity, it was just her anxiety.

Of course, her anxiety was obvious and on the surface.  She was afraid to stand up for herself and follow her heart.

I suppose I have anxiety, too, though I buried mine pretty deep; covering it with bitterness and brushing everything off with a swipe of my hand.

I will always feel a hole in my heart, knowing I could have been a father by now.  Somehow I thought having that child Bippy aborted five years ago would right all the wrongs my father did to me.  I would turn things around by being the complete opposite of a dad that Chuck Ashton was to me.  It was stupid, and I realize that, but my father and Bippy conspiring against me to secretly destroy my child will always cause me pain.

I placed my head down on the pillow and watched my girlfriend sleeping.  She healed my heart in so many ways and I’m so grateful for her.  I thought I was incapable of love.  Haley makes me feel alive inside, as much as I pretend to be on the outside.


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