Fanning The Fame (Dream Catchers Series Book 7)

Release Date: August 28, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Being a drummer in a famous rock band has its perks. For Danny DeSano, getting the girl has never been the problem. Holding onto her was. After a failed marriage and watching his ex-wife move onto someone else, Danny is reevaluating his lifestyle of parties and meaningless flings with supermodels. In order to be a positive role model for his son, he wants to change his image and settle down. That was before he met pop star Topaz, whose image is even more tarnished than his.

Patty “Topaz” Del Feliz had one dream in life … to be wanted. She considers her story to be that of the ugly duckling and now that she’s desired by millions of fans, it’s just not enough. Her image was built solely on the motto “sex sells”. Topaz is quickly realizing looks don’t buy respect … or love. Her last romantic relationship flopped due to her public party girl image the paparazzi is always eager to exploit.

When Danny D. – the bad boy of the band Tortured – shows interest, Topaz can’t help but want him, in spite of his reputation. She knows it’s purely lust and she accepted that. Using each other is fine if it’s mutual, right? That is until Danny gives her the courage to go after a real music career and not one based on her next outrageous publicity stunt.

While developing their business relationship, Danny and Topaz can’t deny their magnetic attraction to one another. Will this be another tabloid romance that fizzles fast or is there something more behind the flashing lights and screaming fans for this dynamic duo?

Fanning the Fame is book 7 of the Dream Catchers series. For the first time in the book series, the story is told through dual points of view and takes a few steps back from book 6, which introduced Danny and Topaz’s interest in one another.

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