Decaf For The Dead: Writing Playlist

Most of my fiction writing has its own soundtrack.  Some songs I choose to write to are familiar and comforting, offering a peaceful and welcoming environment for me to create, while other songs are added as the story progresses. These songs represent a certain character or theme.

The weird thing about Decaf For The Dead is I didn’t really listen to music while I wrote… other than whatever might have been playing in a few of the coffee shops I sat in while I wrote some of it, that is.

I think environment and nature was more of the soundtrack during the five year process from concept to creation with this story… and familiar feelings of loss and memories you can’t get back.

Fall leaves rustling, espresso machines steaming milk, the conversational chatter between two people, or the silence that people try so hard to fill… those things are definitely the real soundtrack to Decaf For The Dead.

However, during the editing process is really when I put music to a project. I love imagining my books as movies and you can’t leave out the soundtrack! It can really set the vibe of a movie.

In the last few months, I’ve listened to these songs to help me stay in my characters’ mind sets as I edited and designed the cover.

Feel free to listen to this playlist as you read the book or sit in a park on a fall day with a hot cup of coffee to really be in tune with the story.

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