Work Out at Home and Love it!

I love going to the gym because once you’re there, it’s hard to back out of working out. However, there are days where you just can’t make it! Maybe there isn’t anyone to watch the kids or the weather is terrible or you’re short on time… Perhaps it just isn’t in your budget to get a gym membership or you prefer to workout alone in the privacy of your own home with bed head…
Whatever your reasons are for not making it to the gym, that doesn’t mean you can’t workout at home and actually enjoy it!

Last summer, I struggled to find an at home workout routine I liked enough to commit to. I gained a lot of weight back since I had lost it a few years ago. I was in such a funk mentally and physically. The more I forced myself into doing workout routines I wasn’t enjoying, the more I rebelled by not doing any physical activity at all.
I finally realized that working out shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t be something you dread doing. So I decided I was going to choose activities that I enjoy and that push me just enough without dragging me through them.
Now, I have been going to the gym 3 times a week and working out at home 2-3 times a week too. I find that I am looking forward to the change-up in my workout routine and use my at home fitness sessions to have a little fun!
Here are my Home Workout Tips:
1. Pinterest is Your Free Personal Trainer!
I have an entire board on Pinterest with various workouts. Some beyond my skill level, but that I may hope to achieve in the future. Others are so simple, but are great to get you doing some kind of movement because we all have days we don’t want to do much… but something is better than nothing! Plus, by trying different workouts — you can customize a routine with exercises you like. If you don’t want to do burpees, don’t do them. Do squats, jumping jacks, or jog in place. Whatever gets you moving, but doesn’t make you crazy. The beauty of these Pinterest workouts is they’re usually quick to do and you can literally do a different workout every week or every day if you want so you don’t get bored!
2. YouTube is Your Choreographer!
Most of us love to dance, right? Maybe you’re too shy to do it in a class or maybe you just want a fun dance workout to do on your off gym days. Sure, you can spend money on dance DVDs like Cize or Dancing with the Stars. I have both and got bored with real quick! Once I learn the routine on those DVDs, I just want to get to the dancing and not re-learn it every time I do it! So I turned to YouTube. I used to just pick my favorite song on the radio and find choreography for it, but then I discovered the Fitness Marshall! This YouTube channel, run by vlogger Caleb Marshall, creates weekly “sweat sets” of dance routines he created to popular current songs. The “sweat set” consists of 10 songs that changes weekly and it’s straight-up dancing. He has tutorial videos as well, but his routines are pretty easy to follow. Caleb’s colorful commentary, awesome routines and great dance songs are perfect for a fun, doable workout you can squeeze in anytime!
3. It’s All About the Tunes!
Music is key to making workouts fun. Sometimes wanting to hear my workout playlist is all the motivation I need to get moving! Whether going for a walk or doing crunches, my playlist drives it all. I’m also not afraid to put corny workout songs in the mix either, like Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” or “Go For It” by Hot Sundae from everyone’s favorite episode of “Saved By The Bell”! ? If it gets you moving, there is no shame!
4. It’s Not All or Nothing!
Every little bit helps. Maybe you can only commit to a 10 minute workout. That’s totally fine! Working out isn’t just for a physical boost, but it contributes to your mental health! Whether the scale moves or not, don’t get discouraged. Just have fun and your mood will brighten, guaranteed!
5. Don’t Listen to Everyone Else!
There are a million diets. A million workout tips. A million people waiting to tell you you’re doing it all wrong. Only YOU can decide what is right for you! Maybe your neighbor had 5 kids, does CrossFit and drinks protein shakes 3 times a day or maybe your significant other eats whatever they want and runs 3 miles a day… that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Our bodies are different. Our circumstances are different. And our wants and needs are certainly different. Decide what is important to you and what small changes you can make to be healthier. Don’t let others figure it out for you. The truth is: every nutrition/fitness plan works in some way, but not every one works for YOU. Love yourself and love what you do with your body and you can’t go wrong!

I am in no way a fitness/health expert. These tips have helped me get back into working out and I just want to help spread a positive message about health and fitness no matter your weight, age, diet preference or fitness level.


  • Sandy Lo

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