Winner of the "Become A Character" Contest Announced!

This was not an easy choice for me to make.  I received a few requests from friends, readers and perfect strangers.
I went with someone who I thought would be the perfect fit for Aylin Ashton, the fun-loving daughter of Jordan and Haley in the “Dream Catchers” series, who is feeling slightly pushed aside by her parents’ fame and lost at to what she should pursue in her future–both career and love-wise.

Mandi Pimental
Mandi Pimental
My business colleague turned friend, Mandi Pimental is who I chose!  Mandi and I first met over 10 years ago through email.  I was the editor of StarShine Magazine and Mandi Leigh was pitched to me to be featured.  I interviewed Mandi a couple of times and we kept in contact.  We’ve only met in person once when I took a trip to Phoenix to promote my first novel “Lost In You”.  Mandi was also writing a novel and we just connected as two pop culture loving writers.
Since then, we have both been on a path of healthy, happy lifestyles and often bounce ideas off each other.  Mandi even hired me to be a writer for Runway, where she served as managing  editor.
Anyway, these reasons are not why I chose Mandi.  This is our journey as professionals and friends.  Why I chose Mandi to be Aylin’s friend is because she’s compassionate, insightful, and understands the entertainment industry.  She could sympathize with Aylin about people trying to use her for fame.
Congratulations Mandi!  Thank you for being a friend, and giving me professional opportunities, and now doing the same for the character of Aylin Ashton! 🙂
For more about Mandi Pimental, check out her blog:
To read the “Dream Catchers” series, go to:


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