Why Do We Love Bad Vampires… I mean Boys?

*Author’s Note: I wrote this article when applying for a position writing for a Vampire Diaries fansite back in 2013.  I didn’t get the gig, but found this in my files recently and thought it would be fun to share in honor of the start of TVD’s last season.  Enjoy!
Why is it that no matter how many bad things these vampires do, we still love them? And sometimes, the more deceitful, vicious monsters TVD characters like Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are, the more we are drawn to them. “Bad boys tend to have lots of positive traits that come along for the ride of the badness such as good looks, confidence, creativity, humor, charisma, high energy, and good social skills—all things women find attractive,” says Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychologist at New York University in an article for Psychology Today. It’s safe to say the bad boys of The Vampire Diaries exhibit all those qualities and then some. Turns out women also like a challenge—we girls do have a tendency to believe we can change men. (Fun Fact: We can’t)
The Vampire Diaries helps support this theory. Just look at how sexy bad boy, Damon Salvatore went from revenge-seeking bloodsucker with no control to Elena’s doe-eyed tender lover, who would do anything to keep her from hurting, almost instantly.
As for Klaus, the evil, original hybrid, we actually saw him cry as Caroline (Candice King), the blonde vamp he fancies, is on her deathbed telling him he still has humanity left inside him. I couldn’t believe it, but I actually felt sorry for the guy who just a few episodes ago went on a bloody killing spree of ripping hearts out and drowning the Mystic Falls mayor in a fountain—taking away Tyler Lockwood’s (Michael Trevino) only living family member.
Then there’s Stefan (Paul Wesley). He’s the good guy, usually. And yes, we love him too, but let’s face it: there is quite an appeal to Stefan as the crazy “Ripper”. I know I’m not alone in thinking Stefan becomes a great deal sexier when he’s showing no mercy and takes what he wants.
Then again, nice guys Matt Donavan (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) have their own appeal, don’t they? However, on TVD, even when these hot men are good, they’re still kicking some butt, and sometimes, they’re even doing it shirtless with a bewitched tattoo spreading across their chiseled muscles!
To all the mortal men out there reading this… Take a lesson from TVD studs by following these (very vain and ridiculous) rules to win over any girl:
1. Stay shirtless as often as possible. (It will only work if you don’t have a beer belly or an obscene amount of back hair—unless you’re turning into a werewolf, then we guess it’s okay.)
2. Be persistent, but not too creepy. (Bonus Tip: Drawing a portrait of your love is good, but threatening her current boyfriend’s life is just going to scare her away.)
3. Know when to take charge or let her have her way. For example: If your girlfriend asks you not to kill someone, don’t do it. But if she insists on offering herself up as a human sacrifice, you do everything you can to stop her.
Who’s your favorite TVD character?  Mine is Damon of course! 🙂
If you have no idea who any of these characters are, binge-watch on Netflix ASAP!