We're All Connected.

Do you ever see someone who looks incredibly familiar? You’ve met this person somewhere before, but you can’t put your finger on it. Did you go to school with him or her? Or maybe you’re from the same neighborhood?
I assume this experience has happened to everyone.
What I am not so sure about is that you can be somewhere, in a different state or country, around no one you know, and “recognize” people.
This is how I feel.
This deja vu-ish feeling of familiarity comes over me no matter where I am. At any given time, I can glance into a crowd of people and spot someone that I’ve “seen” somewhere before.
The feeling used to overwhelm me. I’d wrack my brain trying to place where I know the person from. Back then, I only lived in New York–Staten Island–to be exact. So it was common to see someone you knew or have crossed paths with. As crowded as Staten Island is, it feels rather small when you grew up on it. It was likely I passed someone my parents knew or older siblings knew, or a friend of a friend type of thing.
As I got older and traveled more, though, the experience happened more often. And it wasn’t always one-sided. So many times, people would tell me I look familiar and claim they know me from somewhere.
Whether I was in Manhattan or Nashville or L.A. or Italy, there was always someone that I swore I’ve seen before! Over the years, I became so accustomed to it, that I learned not to linger my gaze trying to figure out how I know the person. Most likely, I have never met them, right? I mean, I’ve met many people in my short lifetime, but what are the odds that I know someone every place I go?
My only conclusion is that we’re all connected in some way. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know. Maybe from past lives. Maybe our souls are all connected through God or some other entity. Maybe we’re all characters in someone’s mind and therefore share a common bond. I really don’t know!
What I do know, is that I’ve always been tapped into things in the spiritual/psychic world a bit. Maybe I am blocking out information for these “familiar” people that I am supposed to deliver. Okay, so maybe that all sounds like a plot for a future novel of mine (now there’s an idea!), but I figured it was interesting enough to share.
Have you had any experiences similar to mine? Please share in the comments. 🙂