Wellbriety Column: Staying In Recovery During the Holidays

Hello Again!!  Welcome to my third article in this current series.  As the holidays quickly approach most of us will be attending those wonderfully festive events with co-workers, family and friends.  Those of us who are not in recovery look forward to these gatherings with heightened anticipation to help ease the stress of this busy time of year.  Unfortunately though, recovering addicts look at these two last months of the year with the utmost dread.  Why, you ask?  Because while being able to manage their sobriety with meetings, therapy and the like for 10 months out of the year, these last 60 days are the most challenging and bring about more relapses, overdoses and suicides than I care to share.
Having stated all of that, I would like to offer some tips on how you, the recovering addict, can breeze through the coming weeks (or at least tread more confidently).  So here we go…
1.  Develop a WELLNESS PLAN for yourself when events spring up, as they surely will.
2.  Be confident in your PLAN.  (try to think of obstacles and resolutions).
3.  Prior to going out – put away all fears and doubts.  (you know you got this!)
4.  Don’t go to events alone – always go with someone who supports your sobriety.
5.  Gather with people you like, not those you have to impress.
6.  Focus on the event – not what else you could be doing.
7.  Get involved in conversations – stay involved with those around you.
8.  Keep your “MOCK TAIL” in your hand.  (don’t let anyone refill it for you).
9.  Take in all of the positive energy in the room, avoid negative people.
10.  If you don’t feel comfortable attending – DON’T GO – know that you’re not missing out. (if you were dead or in jail, you would be).
11.  ALWAYS HAVE AN EXIT STRATEGY.  Know when to leave.
If these tips can help even one person in recovery get through the holidays without incident then I have done my job.
Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and joyful holiday season!!!  See you in 2015.
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