Welcome Life Coach + Backstreet Mom Denise Solis to the Half Full Staff!

Hello, my name is Denise F. Solis and I will be a new contributor to Half Full Magazine. I am delighted to again be working with Sandy Lo and be able to become a part of the entertainment world again. Because of my background in the music industry (yes my son is AJ – Backstreet Boy), I hope to be able to answer questions in that area.

However, I am also a Certified Life/Recovery Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Some of you might also remember that I am a published author. I have not written as many delightful books as Sandy but the one I did write, Backstreet Mom still gets buzz from readers and fans. As for the present, I am finishing up my studies to become a Certified Recovery Support Specialist in the very near future. A new career at 62 years of age! Wow, still out there and trying to make a difference.

Well I guess that sums me up for all of you who might have forgotten me, LOL. I encourage you to visit my website:  www.wellbrietycoaching.com for more information about what I do and where I have been.

I look forward to writing for this magazine and should you have any suggestions please contact me at denise@wellbrietycoaching.com. Ta-Ta for now!