Valentine’s Date Night At Home [Printable Included]

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Avoid the crowds and overpriced dinner reservations! Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your own home with more intimacy and fun crafts!

I know, I know, everyone says Valentine’s Day is just a stupid commercial holiday to make single people feel lonely and to make women wish their men were more romantic. But even when I was single, I enjoyed Valentine’s Day. In fact, I enjoy themes in general so I’m always looking forward to an excuse to have a themed evening!

If you happen to be single and reading this, you can certainly have this date night solo — minus the intimate game — or with friends for a Galentine’s night! The game featured in this post is similar to truth or dare so you can feel like a teenager again and get dared by your friends to crank call your crush. 😂

I’m thankful that Steven is always up for date night fun and we were both enthusiastic about our first Valentine’s Day together. So much so that we wound up giving each other gifts at the beginning of February!

A little tip on how to make Valentine’s Day fun with your partner and alleviate some of the pressure to have some kind of grand romantic evening or gesture planned… save the fancy stuff for birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. Valentine’s Day is a cheesy holiday. Chocolates, conversation hearts, and flowers say it best. I’m not shaming anyone who enjoys elaborate gifts like jewelry and fancy dinners (who knows, we still might try to get a last-minute reservation on the 14th), but personally, I feel Valentine’s Day is more enjoyable when you embrace the simplicity of it. Like when you were in grade school decorating Valentine’s cards for your classmates.

For our V-Day date night at home, we definitely had the giggles as children would! First up, we found a Valentine’s Day playlist made for me by Spotify and we listened to that while we melted chocolate to put in heart and rose-shaped candy molds and then decorated them with different colored sprinkles. To say we made a mess of things is an understatement. Sprinkles everywhere. Chocolate all over our mouths, chin, necks, and hands — okay so that part was done somewhat on purpose. Food play is fun, haha!😉

Found all of this at Walmart!

Steven was literally on the floor laughing at one point and we were both wheezing with tears in our eyes, leaving our bunny baby, Zuko, very confused by what was happening. So much fun!

When I said literally on the floor laughing, I meant it!

After the chocolate was decorated and in the molds, we popped them in the fridge for a bit to finish hardening. Next on our date agenda was to watch “When Harry Met Sally”. Neither of us has ever seen it and it has been described as the ultimate rom-com. After finally seeing it, I wouldn’t go that far, but we enjoyed it nonetheless and I’m happy to check it off my movie bucket list. While watching, we shared some cheesecake pudding I had leftover from Steven’s birthday cake. I made it Valentiney by turning the blue that it was (Steve’s favorite color) to purple and throwing some sprinkles on top. So freakin’ good! (Hit me up on Instagram for the recipe at @allsfairinlovenwriting!)

Once the movie was done, we popped the chocolates out of the molds and put them out along with some Valentine’s Day marshmallows I got from Buc-ee’s, poured ourselves some cranberry wine from Cooper’s Hawk, and we were ready for our craft session!

Wooden heart craft kit is from Target and Talk, Flirt, Dare was a gift, but it is available on Amazon.

Steven picked up a wooden heart painting kit he found at Target. It came with 3 wooden hearts, 2 paint brushes, and 6 paint colors. We each painted one heart and then we both contributed to the third one, but Steven did most of the artwork. While we worked on this craft project, we put on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” — a movie we have both seen many times — for background noise and laughs.

Craft time!
I made the Steven & Sandy one. Steven made the abstract one haha - he is going to come back to it at a later date. And I painted the background for the mermaid one and Steven did the rest. We're going to put that one in our bathroom.

Finally, we capped off the night by trying out a new couples game that we got for Christmas from some friends. The game is called “Talk, Flirt, Dare”. It can be played a few different ways and you can play the talk part with more people as well… and I guess the dare part if you’re that bold! 🤣🤣

We decided to alternate picking a card from each category, but we saved 2 of the dares for after the game since we knew we wouldn’t get back to the game if we did them right then and there, haha. 🥵

The dares are great to get you out of your comfort zone or to try something new and sexy. But I also love question games so much because there is so much we can learn about each other from our answers as well as learn something new about ourselves. Things we don’t always think about or think to ask. I highly recommend buying “Talk, Flirt, Dare” or a similar game for you and your partner.

Our Valentine’s Date Night had everything we could have wanted: laughs, great conversation, music, movies, sweets, wine, tons of fun, intimacy, sexiness, and romance!

This playlist Spotify curated for me was amazing! ❤️🔥

Valentine's Date Night Printable! 💙💜

Even if you don’t have time to have this date on February 14th, you can do what we did and have it earlier in the month or later in the month. Or whenever! While heart-shaped everything is easier to find in February, don’t let that deter you from recreating this date idea any day of the year! A really great budget-friendly idea is to go to the stores right after V-Day and pick up supplies! Candy should be discounted and maybe even some of the craft kits will be as well.

Right-click and save. Print out and use as a guide or itinerary for your refrigerator!

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