Update: The Watch Dog & StarShine Magazine

Hello!  I figured it has been a while since I wrote something updating you on writing based things.  “The Watch Dog” is now at over 50,000 words.  This novel is a challenge for me, but a good one.  I’m aiming to release it in October or November of this year.  I’m also planning to do a virtual book tour as well as a physical one.  So if you want me to come to your area, please let me know.  I’ll be searching out cities that I would draw a following in with book stores/coffee shops that would be happy to host a self-published author.

My awesome friends, Stacia Watkins and Alexander Conerly, wrote this amazing song called “When God Whispers”.  The song will be featured in “The Watch Dog”.  It’s similar to what James Manzello and I did with “Haley’s Letter” for “Dream Catchers”.  The song will be released under Stacia Watkins’ name.  (She is a beautiful singer/songwriter who was featured on ABC’s Duets.  Check her out at www.staciawatkins.com)  I am so honored that Stacia and Alex are letting me use their song. 

Moving on, as you might have noticed I was writing for In Phase Magazine, based in Nashville.  I wrote for their first two issues, but decided it would not be beneficial financially or reputation-wise to continue.  They didn’t exactly have their crap together (for lack of a better word).  Since then, they haven’t released any other issues, so I’m guessing me pulling out was a good move.  What I did get from the experience is how much I miss being part of a magazine and having creative control.

After vocalizing these thoughts with one of my best friends, Philip Lucia, he connected me with Mary Beth French, a graphic/web designer.  What has come from these meetings/talks is I’m re-launching StarShine Magazine after a year hiatus.  This time, it’ll be slightly different–following a digital magazine format rather than a simple entertainment post site.

Philip, Mary Beth and myself will be working together on a trial-like basis.  The first issue will be released in October and if all goes well, we’ll be continuing.  If not, well, we gave it a shot. 

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