Update & “Dream Catchers” Release Date!!!

I apologize for not posting more often on here.  You know how it goes – StarShine, writing, life…

I am VERY happy to announce “DREAM CATCHERS” will be available on www.lulu.com January 26, 2010!!!

I plan to have a book release/birthday party some time before that date at The Cup in Staten Island, NY.  I would love as many people to be there as possible.  More info to come!  All I can say is – fun and entertainment will be provided and copies of “Dream Catchers” will be available, which of course I will gladly autograph!

As for my book with Anna Sundstrand – we are still working hard on it and hope to finish it early 2010.

I am headed to Phoenix, AZ next week for my first TV appearance as an author.  I will be announcing the airdate on The Author’s Show for the West Coast and a link to the web version for anyone who can’t watch it on TV.  I am looking forward to start promoting again soon, but this time with “Dream Catchers”.  I want to thank everyone who purchased “Lost In You” and who has supported me through this adventure the past year!

Hugs, Kisses & Stars,

Sandy Lo