Your Opinion Of You Is The Only One That Matters

Bullies can appear in any circumstance, at any stage of your life, and can sometimes be from those who are supposed to care most. I have been reminded of this recently and had to remind myself that self-love is the most important thing. Without it, you can become your own bully.

When To Give, When Not To Give

This is a tough decision.  It’s very difficult for me to be asked by someone for money or something to eat and say, “No, sorry.”  I have been faced with this question plenty of times during my travels.  Every city has its fair share of homeless people panhandling.  Some have clever signs like “Testing the

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Another Book Release, Another Location. What Now?

Every time I complete and release a book, I reflect back on the process and the direction of the characters.  I learn so much about myself within the pages of each book.  Sometimes, a certain scene reminds me of where I was when I wrote it.  The scenes in “Take Me Home” where early mornings

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Never Stop Believing

Stop.  Just be.  Listen.  Block out the commotion.  Block out the opinions and egos.  Love comes in all forms.  God’s love is the purest.  I always have His attention–All of His attention.  All of his Love.  Just look for it. I can find it in a friendly smile, a beautiful sky, inside my own heart

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