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August 20, 2010 10:10 PM

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Sandy Lo (plus giveaway!)

We last spoke to Sandy Lo last year, about the release of her debut novel Lost In You. Sandy’s back, and this time she’s penned her second book, Dream Catchers. We spoke to her about this latest release, and what she’s been up to since her last interview!

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We last spoke to you early last year. What have you been up to?

Well, since we last spoke, I’ve done a few book events in New York, including an awesome release party in my hometown of Staten Island for “Dream Catchers” earlier this year. Along with “Dream Catchers”, I wrote a song for the book called “Haley’s Letter” which is available on iTunes under the band name Tortured. Other than that, I began my own web show with my friend called “The Sandy Squared Show”, where we discuss entertainment and feature new talent.

Tell us more about Dream Catchers.

“Dream Catchers” is like a romantic comedy for young adults. The main female character, Haley Foster, is a bit of an anxiety-ridden social misfit who is very wealthy and sheltered. She basically is bored with her life and doesn’t want to return home from college for the summer. She winds up getting on the wrong bus going home, loses her wallet and her cell phone and meets Jordan Walsh, a laidback musician who’s pretty much the opposite of her. They push each other’s buttons the entire bus ride until they’re stranded together. Jordan dares Haley to go with him to New York and break out of her rich girl bubble. She surprisingly takes the dare and learns how to finally live her only life and experiences her first love. For me, the book was so much to write and I’ve received great feedback from my readers saying how much they enjoyed the story and its characters. They also said they didn’t want it to end, which is why I’m currently writing the sequel!

What inspired you to write the book?

I actually wrote the first chapter in October 2001 while I was a freshman in college. So many of Haley’s emotions expressed in that chapter was what I was feeling at the time. I went on to find myself and what I truly wanted out of life and who I am over the past nine years. When I went back to writing the novel eight years later, I wanted to finish Haley’s journey of self-discovery. I wanted to prove dreams come true and it’s okay to chase them, or catch them when they come soaring by.

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  • Sandy Lo

    Sandy Lo’s personal story is inspiring. She started, StarShine Magazine, an online publication in 2001, at the age of 18. She wrote her first novel in 2009, “Lost In You,” followed by the “Dream Catchers” Series. She was the first person ever to professionally interview Taylor Swift and has received personal endorsements for her books from members of boy bands Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. Recently, she has been seeing some tremendous momentum in book sales on Kindle. She has been included on the “50 Writers You Should Be Reading” list by The Authors Show, and “Dream Catchers”, “Breaking The Moon” and “Indigo Waters” reached the Top 100 Best Selling Coming of Age novels in Amazon’s Kindle Store. What makes this even more unique, is that Sandy relocated from NY to Nashville in order to write “The Watch Dog,” which is set in a fictional town outside of Music City. “The Watch Dog” reached the Top 10 Ghost Stories on Amazon. Aside from her writing projects, Sandy is also a freelance digital strategist.