Tortured: Bio

Hailing from NYC, Tortured consists of edgy crooner Jordan Walsh (vocals/guitar), Danny D. (vocals/drums), Sebastian Lo (keys) and Darren Colville (bass).  With relatable angsty lyrics, intricate instrumentation, and a flawless live show, Tortured is set to be the next big thing in rock music!  Lead singer, Walsh is not only mesmerizing with his strong vocals, but he’s charismatic and knows how to control any stage.

The band was formed in 2006 by high school best friends Jordan and Danny D.  The two began writing songs and jamming together.  Danny brought Darren into the band after posting flyers around New York school bulletin boards looking for a bass player and drummer.  Sebastian was playing in another band, but left to pursue music more seriously with Tortured.

Since then, Tortured has performed all over New York City occasionally expanding upstate and in cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and Farmingdale.  More recently, Tortured won Smack Magazine’s Battle of the Bands competition which garnered them an opening spot for multi-platinum artist, Landry, whom Tortured lists as a musical influence.  Now with a devout, cult-like following, increasing  airplay on rock radio, the band was able to sign a deal with Struck Records.

When asked about the harsh sounding name of the band, Walsh says, “Every single person is a tortured soul.  Everyone goes through something they struggle with, that eats them up inside.  We wanted a name that everyone could relate to and draw emotion from.”  The band’s music also draws out raw emotion like their first single “Detonate”, a pure rock track fueled by anger and about being pushed to the limit.  Tracks like “Break The Mold” and the somewhat morbid “Unborn” follow suit.  However, taking a surprising turn with their sound is “Haley’s Letter”–an unexpected love song thrown in the mix, but keeps the alternative sound Tortured is creating for themselves.  In the same vain comes the title track, “Breaking The Moon” and “I’m OK”.

Tortured’s debut album, Breaking The Moon is currently being recorded and will hopefully be released in 2011.