The Watch Dog – Prologue

The barking was echoing through my skull; a low growl rang through my ears along with the bellowing howls.  I sprang up in the bed forgetting where I was.  My eyes adjusted to the moonlight from the window.  I ignored the sleeping girl next to me and slithered out of the bed.

I searched my clothes out on the hardwood floor and dressed quickly.  Slowly and quietly I walked to the window and looked down the peaceful block tucked away in the Hamptons.  There were a few mansion-sized houses on the street and many trees in between them.

Seeking out the source of the barking, I glanced up and down the block.  The cold glass of the window pressed against my body as I leaned closer. 

Stupid stray dog.

The barking had sounded as if it was right next to my ear.  The sound was familiar and I couldn’t figure out why.

Growing up, I never had pets of my own—technically.  There was only one dog I had ever felt close to and she had passed away over fifteen years ago.

I began to wonder if the girl I went home with had a massive dog; an extremely protective dog who didn’t like me in her bed.

Fearful of my possible revelation and also cowardly, I left the house quickly.  The dog was merely a deranged excuse to ditch the girl before she awoke.  I didn’t leave a note or my number.  I doubt she caught my name and if she did, she probably didn’t remember it.  Damned if I knew her name…