The Ultimate Guide to Crumbl Cookie Flavors

Word has been spreading like wildfire about Crumbl Cookies. If you’re not familiar, Crumbl is a family-owned business that was founded in 2017 in Logan, Utah. While Crumbl is a relatively new company, they have created quite a brand for themselves.

What’s unique about Crumbl is that their cookies aren’t your run-of-the-mill, every day cookie that is served as a quick snack. No, Crumbl Cookies are an entire dessert meant to be shared. Think of each cookie as a decadent cookie-cake. They’re thick, often dense, and full of layered flavors, and toppings.

While Crumbl always has a chocolate chip cookie on hand, their weekly offerings get swapped out with 4 different flavors that feature fillings, frostings, sprinkles, and more.

Since Crumbl is quite the indulgence, Steve and I try to limit how often we pick up these cookies. I follow Crumbl on social media and am a loyalty rewards member, so I look forward to seeing their mouthwatering videos every week announcing the new cookies available.

If I see a flavor or two I just have to try, or that I think Steve will like, then we make the trip to our local Crumbl. This was the case earlier this week since there were 3 flavors we had to have.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep a running list of Crumbl cookies we’ve tried and review them here in All’s Fair in Love & Writing in case all of you readers were wondering which cookies might be worth the $4.50 price point.

Bookmark this article since we’ll be updating it as our list of Crumbl cookies consumed grows! Cookies are listed by my top choices first to my least favorite last.

This is by far my favorite so far! I love corn muffins/cornbread and this cookie is amazing. Just the right amount of sweetness with a dollop of honey buttercream frosting (that is actually reminiscent of a smear of butter on your breakfast corn muffin), drizzle of honey, and honey butter glaze, making this the ultimate comfort food!

OMG! I’m not a huge apple pie fan, but this cookie will please the pie lovers and cookie lovers alike. Not only was this one beautiful, looking like a mini pie, it had a wonderful balance of buttery pie crust-like cookie and apple filling. Pure perfection!

If you love lemon, then this cookie is for you! It’s a simple and classic crinkle cookie without any frosting and toppings except for a dusting of powdered sugar, which is what I loved about it.

Slightly different than the regular cornbread cookie, although the cookie part itself is the same deliciousness that I remember. The frosting/topping is different, however. This one has a sweet honey cream cheese frosting instead of buttercream and a crunchy cornbread streusel along with the honey drizzle. Personally, this had too much frosting for my taste, but otherwise, a scrumptious choice much like the regular cornbread cookie.

The Pecan Pie cookie has a buttery cookie topped with sticky pecan filling. This cookie packs th perfect amount of sweetness and is better than the actual pie in my opinion.

This vanilla cookie tastes like cake with a cream cheese frosting that tastes just like cheesecake. So good!

This light and delicious vanilla bean cookie is topped with a sweet raspberry-vanilla frosting that is equally as good — but definitely a cookie that should be shared because the frosting is extra sweet!

This is a buttery strawberry cookie topped with a strawberry vanilla streusel that reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake Good Humor ice cream bar!

Out of all of the peanut butter based Crumbl cookies, the PB&J one is my favorite! The cookie is dense, but delicious and features a real swirl of peanut butter and raspberry jam.

This one is a yummy soft doughnut cookie coated in powdered sugar and then topped with raspberry preserves and mini powdered doughnut pieces. So good!

The peanut butter brittle cookie tastes like your classic PB cookie with just the right amount of extras on top that makes it nutty, but not overwhelmingly so.

Like the lemon crinkle, the lemon cupcake cookie had a wonderful lemony flavor, but this time, it was mixed with vanilla. The cookie part was more dense and cakelike than the crinkle. It was topped with a velvetly lemon frosting. I prefer the crinkle because I loved the pure lemon simplicity of it and I’m not always a fan of icing, but the lemon cupcake cookie is still a winner!

While this pumpkin cookie appears basic, the inside texture and taste is reminiscent of pumpkin pie! The top of the cookie has a nice crunchy-sugar coating which is a delightful contrast to the gooey inside.

A chocolate cookie topped with a pumpkin cheesecake frosting — Steve loved this one! I loved the frosting, but the cookie was too dense and chocolately for my taste.

This one reminds me of a better version of Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip cookie. The sea salt on top complemented the chocolate and toffee beautifully and the inside was nice and doughy, making it feel like you were picking at some raw cookie dough.

Steven and I got this one to bring to our game night thinking it would be something our friends would like more than us non-chocoholics, but I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It was light yet dense and would go great with vanilla ice cream!

This breakfast-inspired treat is a light and fluffy cookie topped with messy butter frosting and maple syrup drizzle. I thought this would be more indulgent than it tastes, which ALMOST tastes like waffles but misses the mark slightly. I had higher hopes, but I did enjoy the butter frosting. Overall, it just made me wish it was the cornbread cookie!

Now this one is a decadent treat, but refreshing with the peppermint cream cheese frosting that actually has bits of candy cane in it. The cookie itself is a cookies & cream cookie that goes well with the peppermint frosting.

At first taste, this staple was a bit too rich for me. However, I found that if I eat it the day after I get it, it tastes better! Maybe it’s just me, but the longer this cookie sits out, the more I like it. 😂

This cookie is light and acts as a great palette cleanser, but otherwise is nothing special. I would prefer it without the frosting, but I will say the frosting did have a nice fluffy texture.

My sister-in-law, a self-professed chocoholic, loved this one! Even with Steve and I not being huge chocolate lovers, we still enjoyed it. It hits the spot if you need a chocolate fix for sure.

When this cookie arrived at my doorstep, I was disappointed. It looked like a much sadder version than what was advertised on Crumbl’s Instagram. However, the taste was much better than it looked. It’s a vanilla cookie with vanilla glaze and sprinkles, but it works!

I love toffee and caramel, but this one was a bit too chocolately and sweet for me. This one is a chocolate cake cookie topped with fluffy whipped cream, caramel glaze, and crunch toffee pieces.

Steve and I got this one as part of the “mystery peanut butter cookie” flavor option. Some PB options around the country looked delicious so I was a little bummed we got the classic peanut butter flavor at our nearest location. But I’m a huge PB fan and Steve is an even bigger PB fan so we still had to try it! It was good, but nothing to gush over. I have made way better classic peanut butter cookies in my own kitchen.

The Crumbl cookie dough cookie is a brown sugar cookie topped with an ice cream-inspired cookie dough buttercream and chunks of cookie dough pieces. The cookie dough pieces were delicious, but the frosting and cookie combo were too sweet for me.

I hope Crumbl improves on this one. I was so excited to try a S’mores cookie from them and was completely let down. This one basically tasted like their chocolate chip cookie with a marshmallow thrown on top. I didn’t taste any graham cracker element (maybe they forgot it on mine?) and it didn’t feel like a s’mores at all. It was super underwhelming.

I was super excited to try this one, but sadly, it missed the mark. I’m not sure how many of you have eaten a real buckeye (shoutout to my Ohio friends and Lillie for making me some awesome ones when I visit!), but this cookie doesn’t even come close to the yummy goodness that is the magnificent buckeye — a sweet peanut butter filled chocolate candy. I will say the actual cookie was delicious, it’s how I like my chocolate cookies, light and not too rich. However, the topping was just a scoop of straight-up unsweetened peanut butter and a chocolate frosting that was blah and didn’t mesh well together. Hard to believe that peanut butter and chocolate didn’t mesh well together, but Crumbl could have done so much better with this one!

Theoretically, this cookie should be in my top 10! I love Twix, caramel, and shortbread, so why was this cookie so bland to me? Seriously, it looks like it would be extremely decadent and flavorful, but I could barely taste the flavors. The chocolate came through and not in a good way. It was a solid hunk of milk chocolate that wasn’t appetizing. And the Twix were unrecognizable on top of the cookie. I would skip this cookie and just buy yourself the candy bar.

What's your favorite Crumbl Cookie? Tell us in the comments!

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