The Real Members of Tortured

“Aside from Jordan Walsh, I based the band members of Tortured on real people in my life.  Each of these guys has had an impact on my life in some way and I thought everyone should know who they are.” – Sandy Lo


In real life, Sebie is my one and only older brother.  Like his character, he is always teasing someone and is protective, especially of his baby sister.  My brother doesn’t really play the piano/keys too well, but he was in the U.S. Army’s marching band as a trumpet player.  Musically, my brother is more into R&B than rock, which is where his beat-boxing comes into play on occasion in “Dream Catchers”.

Danny D.

Danny DeQuatro is a good friend of mine that I met years ago while we both worked at Starbucks.  I would say out of everyone, Danny is most like his character, in the sense that he’s all heart when it comes down to it, even though he may come off like he’s a tough guy.  He’s an awesome friend.  As far as his real life musical talents, his secret talent is rapping!  That’s my Danizzle!

Darren Colville

Darren Colvil is another friend of mine from that same Starbucks on Richmond Avenue in Staten Island.  Though his character wears glasses, Darren had lasik eye surgery and no longer needs them.  Real life Darren is not as odd as the fictional version, thankfully.  Darren does make rapid eye movements on occasion like his character, but he’s full of sarcasm and wit.  Darren actually plays the guitar and not bass in a local band in Staten Island, NY.