The Beu Sisters Say “Be U”!

The Beu Sisters first appeared with their debut album, Decisions in 2002, toured with Kelly Clarkson, and had a generous amount of success on soundtracks to movies like “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” and “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”.  Famed record producer Steve Greenberg helped launch The Beu Sisters, then made up of real life sisters Candice, Christie, Jilaine and Danielle.  When Greenberg left Columbia Records, that also left the Beus’ follow-up album shelved.

After turning down numerous reality TV shows, which were at the beginning of its hype at the time, the sisters decided they needed to put family first, and regrouped.  Jilaine decided to leave the group while Candice and Christie each had children.  They lived a fairly normal life, each taking on common jobs to pay bills.  Music and art never left them, though.  The girls decided to launch their own record label, Beach Breakz Records, moved in together and built a very small home studio.

The Beu Sisters began working on their latest EP, Beu-tiful Vol. 1 and explored artistry in every aspect of their career.  When I spoke with the girls at their release party on June 2nd at Planet Rose in New York City, they joked by calling themselves the Von Trapp family since they even used curtains to make their costumes.  While Danielle and Candice handle designing costumes, Christie handles most of the vocal arrangements and choreography.  The group also receives a ton of help from their large family, pointing out their younger sister Gabrielle who was working the door at Planet Rose that night.

With the girls and their family’s hard work came many “divine delays” as Candice called them.  Christie added how this time in their lives and careers has been a true test of their faith, explaining how things would go wrong.  For instance, their turntables didn’t show up until an hour before their release party that night!  Thankfully, things have worked themselves out for these strong-minded Beus, and they always believe things will work out.

The first single off the new EP is “Definition of a Lady”, which is now available on iTunes.  The song has a bit of a hip-hop flare to it and basically explores the notion of a woman being confident in who she is.  The video for the song was directed by Nicholas Vedros and shows the Beus as little girls dreaming up who they’ll be when they grow-up.  Now that the first EP is out, the Beu Sisters will be promoting it around the country before hopefully embarking on a tour.

The Beu Sisters combine beauty, talent, creativity and individuality in such a unique, noncommercial way.  If you want something to inspire you, your children, and through those moments of uncertainties we all go through, check out The Beu Sisters–you will be stronger, bolder, and more beautiful for doing so.

Photos still to come!

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iTunes: Definition of a Lady


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