That’s Amor…Alexandra Amor

Photo by: Sandy Lo

Alexandra Amor is, as her debut song puts it, a “superstar”. She has the look; the sound; and the heart. She even has a nice following. This Florida girl fell in love with the spotlight in school when she tried out for “Guys and Dolls”.  School definitely got her where she is now—which is a recording artist with a sure-fire hit song on iTunes! Alexandra decided to sing one of her assignments in front of the class—which happened to include Josh Mendez from Rich Music LTD.

Soon, Alexandra found herself in the studio recording her first single “Superstar”, which she had a hand in writing the track. She found a following online through Twitter and YouTube, where she posts videos of herself singing. She truly feels blessed for the thousands of people that have embraced her and her music. “I feel like I have thousands of little sisters,” she gushed to StarShine. Though, it’s not just girls who go around singing “Superstar”—Miss Amor has quite a lot of boys singing along as well.

“Superstar” has been viral for months via YouTube and also has received some radio play, but on September 28th, the song officially became available for purchase on iTunes. Though the song talks about the materialism of fame, Alexandra says it’s about more than that. “It’s more of my dream of becoming a superstar…from singing in a hairbrush to a big stage.”

The blond haired beauty says she hopes a tour is in her immediate future. “I want to meet everyone who has supported me in person to show my appreciation.” Another goal of hers is to get involved with a children’s charity. Not only is Alexandra meant to be a star, but a real life role model as well.

Alexandra Amor is all about her fans, so what does she want them to know? “To all my fans who have been there from the beginning, I know you’ll be there until the end. It means the world to me because it’s my dream and I hope I’ve inspired you as much as you’ve inspired me.”

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