Take Me Home Soundtrack Selection: “What You Gonna Do” by Hunter Hayes #MusicMonday

As I’ve stated plenty of times before, music inspires my writing in such a profound way.  Some people can’t write or read while listening to music.  For me, music assists in anything I do as a soundtrack–to my novels, to my emotions, to memories. It is this reason I have decided to celebrate each #MusicMonday with a song selection and a little insight on a scene/character that it fits.

SONG: “What You Gonna Do” (Purchase on iTunes)

ARTIST: Hunter Hayes

BOOK: “Take Me Home” (Purchase on Amazon)

CHARACTERS: Drew Ashton and Cami Woods

INSIGHT: In “Take Me Home”, Drew and Cami have a spring fling that she sees no future in.  Cami is prideful, guarded, and feels extremely alone in the world.  Drew, in contrast, is warm, open and believes there could be a future for them.  He sees something inside Cami that most others don’t see–a loyal and loving heart. The lyrics to “What You Gonna Do” makes me feel like if Drew were to sing a song to Cami, it would be this one.