Take Me Home Soundtrack Selection: “Alibi” by 30 Seconds To Mars #MusicMonday

For this #MusicMonday, I have selected a song from one of my favorite bands: 30 Seconds To Mars.  As most fans of the “Dream Catchers Series” know, this band has been my muse since the first book.  Tortured, the fictional band in “Dream Catchers” has taken shape while listening to 30STM’s music.  While writing “Breaking The Moon”, the band’s album This Is War came out and like their first two albums, this one fit right in with my soundtrack to the series.  Over time, the songs didn’t just represent Jordan and Haley any longer but also Cami and her sometimes difficult relationships.

SONG: “Alibi” (Purchase on iTunes)

ARTIST: 30 Seconds To Mars

BOOK: “Take Me Home” (Purchase on Amazon / Barnes & Noble)

CHARACTERS: Cami Woods and Danny DeSano

INSIGHT: In “Breaking The Moon”, we get a sneak peek of the argumentative relationship Cami has with Danny.  “Take Me Home” dives deeper to show the exhausting, confusing and destructive marriage the two hotheaded Italians have with one another, ultimately ending with Danny cheating on Cami while pregnant with their child.  The song “Alibi” is about being knocked down, but getting back up again.