Take Me Home – Prologue

TakeMeHomeTAKE ME HOME is the 4th part in The Dream Catchers Series. This book focuses on Cami Woods, who was a supporting character throughout the series.  You’ll be able to follow the story without reading the previous books, but it is recommended you read the other books to fully understand the history of the characters.


I don’t know how I got here. I don’t know why this happened to me. I can’t breathe, or eat, or sleep. Hell, I am not sure if I even feel anymore. Empty. That’s all I am. I never thought I would end up alone at thirty-six. Well, I guess I’m not alone entirely. There is my three-week old son that I don’t know what to do with.

He looks at me through sleepy eyes. He is probably thinking I’m pathetic, and wondering why his Daddy visits for a couple of hours a day before high-tailing it out of our penthouse overlooking Central Park to see his girlfriend on Madison Avenue.

So, I may be going through some serious postpartum depression, but who could blame me? My depression is valid—newborn baby or not. Aside from my son who isn’t much company at this stage, I am definitely alone. My marriage is officially ending and I have shut the world out.

I never had many real friends anyway. I’m what most people would call an “ice queen”. I have prided myself in my career as a successful entertainment manager and didn’t stop to make friends along the way. Aside from Haley, I guess. I didn’t know whose side she was going to take in the divorce, though. Haley is Jordan Walsh’s wife. Jordan is Danny DeSano, my estranged husband’s best friend. Oh, did I mention Jordan and Danny are in a band together? Or how I manage that band? Yup, I’m alone, most certainly.

Maybe now, while the band—my band—since I feel I deserve some credit for making them the multi-platinum act they have been for the past eighteen years… Anyway, I was saying… maybe while the band goes on tour in a few months and I’m alone with myself and the baby—who only eats, sleeps and poops at this point, I should reflect back on my life and figure out how I ended up Cami Woods, the lonely loser with a broken heart.

TAKE ME HOME will be released on Amazon and Lulu.com June 25, 2013.