Travel Blog: Breezing Through San Francisco

San Francisco was such a blur! I only stayed there for two days which definitely didn’t feel long enough. I arrived at 8am and my AirBnB wouldn’t be ready, even for me to drop my bags off until 12:30, I found out. After an overnight bus ride, I was pretty out of it and desperate

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When To Give, When Not To Give

This is a tough decision.  It’s very difficult for me to be asked by someone for money or something to eat and say, “No, sorry.”  I have been faced with this question plenty of times during my travels.  Every city has its fair share of homeless people panhandling.  Some have clever signs like “Testing the

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Travel Blog: Pondering In Portland

Unlike my past two travel blog posts, I won’t give you a day by day rundown.  This blog post would be way too long.  Instead, I’m going to give you the highlights. The Airbnb I booked was the one I looked forward to most out of all the other cities.  I stayed at a “garden

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Coffee Review: Anna Maria Island, Florida

While I worked in Bradenton, I lived on Anna Maria Island. On my days off, especially Sundays, I wanted a café to sit, relax, write or read in, without having to go off the island. Well, that leaves me 2 whole options for coffee shops! I will tell you about both.