Home For The Holidays

Back in old New York with family, old friends, and the return of the Traveling Barista?

Travel Blog: Nostalgic in Nashville

Unlike many of my travel destinations, Nashville was familiar and welcomed me back lovingly. After living there for a couple of years, and also being away for almost as long, I wasn’t sure if that feeling of home would still be there. Would my friends still be around? Will the vibe be the same? And the question remains: will I once again call Music City home?

Thanksgiving in Memphis

My spirits were lifted in Elvis’ homeland.  I spent Thanksgiving with my second family and felt truly grateful for great friends and travel opportunities.  Read on for photos and my trip…

Non-Productive in NOLA

My month in New Orleans was somehow a mix of friends, family, fun, stress and depression.  Could it be the city of the dead bringing me down or my search for home?

Lonely in Vegas

Some places you just don’t want to be alone in… and sometimes, you just need a loved one by your side.  Vegas is one of those places…and by the end of October, I was definitely missing familiar faces.