The Borrowed Umbrella

The Borrowed Umbrella By Sandy Lo ©April 2012 December in Manhattan was bitter and hectic. Dee Dee ventured in the city anyhow, along with her eldest sister, CeCe. They took the express bus from Staten Island. The weather, according to CeCe, who checked things such as traffic and news, suspected an early evening drizzle. CeCe

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The Forgotten Umbrella

The Forgotten Umbrella By Sandy Lo ©September 2011 It was the last period of the day. Dee Dee sat in her English class watching the rain pour down outside the window. It was soothing to hear the heavy pounding against the panes. The noise drowned the teacher out; it drowned out her best friend, Tess,

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The Broken Umbrella

A short story by Sandy Lo written May 2011 as part of “The Umbrella Series”.

It was pouring rain. The kind of rain you stare at from behind your front door; waiting, hoping it will taper off. DiDi waited a few minutes, but still the downpour pelted her house, and she could put off walking to the bus stop no more…

The Lost Umbrella

A short story by Sandy Lo written April 2011. Grandma had sat on the burlap couch that always reminded 4-year-old DiDi of an autumn theme, with its browns and burnt orange images. As years passed, the exact pattern of the couch had faded, but the rough, scratchy material is still etched into DiDi’s memory. It was Christmas morning—a thrilling time for children. DiDi remembers how Christmas used to be. She never feared she’d be on the “naughty list”. DiDi was always a sweet little girl; she always listened; she always loved purely. In spite of her coming into the world by accident, born to a teenage father and a mother who already had three other children, among other terrible circumstances, DiDi was loved in return.