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Traveling Barista Picks: Coffee Shop Playlist

Let’s face it, being a barista is sometimes a gruesome job.  We romanticize it, and how it allows us to pursue our dreams, and connect with people.  While that is all true, there is also the downside.  We’re often underpaid, overworked, and take crap from everyone.

The particular coffee shop I currently work in is definitely the busiest one I’ve experienced.  We’re never staffed properly and while I’m making drinks, a crowd of millennials are either glaring at me to see if I’m working on their frappuccino or they’re totally ignoring me while staring at their phone.

Still, there are those customers you connect with and look forward to seeing.  One moment, one person, can make or break our day.  I have selected a handful of songs that express our hot and cold feelings toward being a barista along with the romantic notion of connections over coffee.

Barista or not, we’ve all sat in a cafe with a friend, crush or a dream.

1. One In A Million – Backstreet Boys
This song was the one that inspired this playlist. When the Unbreakable album was released by BSB in 2007, of course, I felt like “One In A Million” was dedicated to me.

Notable Lyrics: The line’s out the door/Serving up fraps/Until she can’t take anymore/I see it in her broken smile

2. Taylor The Latte Boy – Kristin Chenoweth
We all love Kristin Chenoweth! This song is about a customer’s hilarious crush on a barista.

Notable Lyrics: But I saw him flip the lever and for me he made it triple/And I knew that triple latte meant that Taylor loved me too

3. Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg
What a sweet song! The title says it all.

Notable Lyrics: I never knew just what it was/About this old coffee shop I love so much/All of the while I never knew/All of the while, all of the while it was you

4. Starbucks! – Bobby Bones & the Raging Idiots featuring Kelsea Ballerini
A silly country ode to the coffee corporation.

Notable Lyrics: There’s a tip jar on the counter/I’m about to make it rain/Hey its Bobby I’m not booby/Please stop messing up my name

5. The Starbucks Rant Song – Christopher Cristwell
One of my former Starbucks co-workers played this song for me years ago. Most of us would never be so mean, but we can all understand some of these thoughts that go through this guy’s mind. P.S. – He got fired for making this song.

Notable Lyrics: You get cappuccinos. You’re the pickiest of all. You didn’t order it dry, but you didn’t want any milk at all.

6. Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega
This song reminds me of my childhood. It’s about a diner obviously, but that was the coffee shop of the 80s and 90s.

Notable Lyrics: I am waiting/At the counter/For the man/To pour the coffee/And he fills it/Only halfway/And before/I even argue/He is looking/Out the window/At somebody/Coming in

7. Cold Coffee – Ed Sheeran
A sweet love song about wanting the person in your bed to stay.

Notable Lyrics: I’ll wake with coffee in the morning/But she prefers two lumps of sugar and tea/Outside the day is up and calling/But I don’t have to be so, please go back to sleep

8. You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
Not a song about coffee shops or even coffee really, but I just love the line: “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee”. One day, a newby barista and I listened to this song on repeat after I taught her my trick to make cloud-like foam.

9. Cigarettes and Coffee – Otis Redding
There is no one quite like Otis Redding that can set any mood. I can picture this story in my mind and absolutely love when a song can do that.

Notable Lyrics: People I say it’s so early in the morning/Oh, it’s a quarter till three/We’re sittin’ here talkin’/Over cigarettes and drinking coffee, now, lord

10. Java Jive – The Ink Spots
My mother used to sing this song, but I never knew what the hell she was talking about. When I heard the song recently, it made me laugh realizing she wasn’t just babbling about “a cup, a cup, a cup”.

Notable Lyrics: Oh slip me a slug from the wonderful mug
And I’ll cut a rug just snug in a jug

11. Sugar Shack – The Fireballs
A fun oldie that puts you in a good mood!

Notable Lyrics: Well, it’s just a coffeehouse and it’s made out of wood/Espresso coffee tastes mighty good/That’s not the reason why I’ve got to get back

12. The Sad Café – The Eagles
This is another one of those great stories within a song. They don’t make artists like The Eagles anymore.

Notable Lyrics: Some of their dreams came true/Some just passed away/And some of them stayed behind/Inside the Sad Cafe.

13. Tryin’ – Little Big Town
This song is for all of us who refuse to stop dreaming!

Notable Lyrics: It’s been six years since she left home and she hasn’t made it big yet/Oh but there’s no second guessing baby, she’s got no regrets/She still works late shift down at the Greasy Spoon cafe/When she brings you out your milkshake you just might hear her say/It’s about hoping/It’s about dreaming/It’s about never not believing

14. Down – Mat Kearney
This song was recommended by some friends of mine who are huge Mat Kearney fans.  It makes me want to listen to more of him!

Notable Lyrics: I’m working late again slaving to make the rent
I’m slanging coffee with dreams heavy as cement
They’re coming one by one the face of falling love
I write a song with a prayer as I slide the cups

15. Black Coffee In Bed – Squeeze
I love the imagery in this song.  I have tons of journals with coffee stains on the pages, and it brings me back to how I usually write with coffee by my side.

Notable Lyrics: The stain on my notebook/Remain all that’s left/Of the memory of late nights/And coffee in bed

16. Me And Mrs. Jones – Michael Bublé
Hearing Bublé’s version of this classic gets you dreaming of a secret affair with him, which is why I chose his version over the others. I used to have customers who were both married to other people meet in our cafe every morning before they went to work. Sneaky jerks! All kinds of stories unfold at a coffee shop.  Baristas get just as many as bartenders do, if not more!

Notable Lyrics: We meet every day at the same cafe/Six-thirty and no one knows she’ll be there/Holding hands, making all kinds of plans/While the juke box plays our favorite songs/Me and Mrs. Jones/We got a thing goin’on/We both know that it’s wrong

17. Caffeine – Psychostick
This is the song on the playlist that will surely wake you up. Two of my oldest/best friends recommended this screamo-esque song for this playlist, and I couldn’t leave it out. It is in fact the only song on this playlist that’s straight up about coffee!  Be warned: Pretty sure the band was on more than caffeine when writing/recording it!

Notable Lyrics: Cappuccino is my mother/Frappuccino is my lover/Makes me feel exhilarated

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Sandy Lo’s Novel Song Book: “Detonate” from “Dream Catchers” #MusicMonday

This #MusicMonday, I decided to feature one of the original songs from DREAM CATCHERS.  Throughout the rock star romance series, I have written an entire album’s worth of songs.  Just lyrics.  One day, I would love to actually get someone to put music to these songs and record them.  So far, only “Haley’s Letter” is available thanks to my friend James Manzello, who recorded the song as Tortured, the band from the series.

Anyway, this week’s featured song is “Detonate”, which was Tortured’s first big single and one of Haley’s favorite songs in the book.  The lyrics are below.  I hope you enjoy it.  Feedback would be much appreciated!

SONG: “Detonate”

ARTIST: Tortured (fictional band from “Dream Catchers”)

BOOK: “Dream Catchers” (Purchase on Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iTunes or purchase the entire Vol. I of the “Dream Catchers Series“)

INSIGHT: In “Dream Catchers”, the main male character, Jordan Walsh wrote “Detonate” about his father.  As the story unfolds, you find out about Jordan’s angst and disgust toward his dad.  I envision this song to be very aggressive with a little screaming involved, but nothing that would hurt your ears.  Think Jared Leto melodic screaming.  After all, I listened to a ton of 30 Seconds to Mars while writing “Dream Catchers”.  For me, writing songs like this helped me develop Jordan easier, and it also helped me relate to him.  In the past, I had a lot of bottled up emotion toward my own father that I wasn’t always able to vocalize to him.  Anger is not an emotion that comes easily for me.  Just pain.  Writing a character like Jordan, who covers pain up with anger was a great release for me.


Lyrics by: Sandy Lo


Don’t tell me what to say
Or how to act
I really shouldn’t take lessons
From a world class hack
I am taking control
Me, the only one I can trust
And I’m on the edge
About to combust

I’ll turn your world to hell
Like a time bomb ticking
I’m ready to blow
And it’s me you slap
For taking all your crap
I am never right
Just not good enough
While you’re the devil
Right here on Earth

You’ll be sorry
When it’s me missing
Then you’ll know what it’s like
To be the one ass kissing
You made me invisible
While I was trying to be a man
Still, a tortured boy
That you never did understand

I’ll turn your world to hell
Like a time bomb ticking
I’m ready to blow
And it’s me you slap
For taking all your crap
I am never right
Just not good enough
While you’re the devil
Right here on Earth

Now you created a monster
My insides shake
I can’t do a thing
But scream while I sing
About how I hate you
And how I’m a time bomb
Ready to go off

I’ll turn your world to hell
Like a time bomb ticking
I’m ready to blow
And it’s me you slap
For taking all your crap
I am never right
Just not good enough
While you’re the devil
Right here on Earth

Now I’m a time bomb
Ready to go off

©2010 Sandy Lo Publishing.

Take Me Home Soundtrack Selection: “What You Gonna Do” by Hunter Hayes #MusicMonday

As I’ve stated plenty of times before, music inspires my writing in such a profound way.  Some people can’t write or read while listening to music.  For me, music assists in anything I do as a soundtrack–to my novels, to my emotions, to memories. It is this reason I have decided to celebrate each #MusicMonday with a song selection and a little insight on a scene/character that it fits.

SONG: “What You Gonna Do” (Purchase on iTunes)

ARTIST: Hunter Hayes

BOOK: “Take Me Home” (Purchase on Amazon)

CHARACTERS: Drew Ashton and Cami Woods

INSIGHT: In “Take Me Home”, Drew and Cami have a spring fling that she sees no future in.  Cami is prideful, guarded, and feels extremely alone in the world.  Drew, in contrast, is warm, open and believes there could be a future for them.  He sees something inside Cami that most others don’t see–a loyal and loving heart. The lyrics to “What You Gonna Do” makes me feel like if Drew were to sing a song to Cami, it would be this one.