Always Look Forward

It feels long overdue for me to write a blog to you – my friends, my family, my supporters.  To think of all of you who have been on each journey with me, reminds me of all my blessings.  You’ve watched me, some of you literally, some through the power of the internet, as I stumbled blindly in every aspect of my career and as I figured out who I am.

Author and Journalist, Sandy Lo Launches Half Full Magazine!

Check out my new baby! So excited to be running my own magazine again!  We’ll be posting daily, so sign up to receive posts via email on the site! Half Full Magazine will bring fun, entertaining and inspiring articles and interviews from all walks of life!  Our message is to live life with a Half Full Attitude!  Join the celebration!

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2014 Resolutions

I try not to make New Year’s Resolutions often.  I used to make a list in my journal and look back on it wondering why there are a couple I never follow through with.  They wind up on the list every damn year!  This year, I am not going to resolve to lose a certain amount of weight, finish a number of projects by 2015, fall in love, or save a crazy amount of money.