30 Seconds to Mars Takes Philly Into the Wild!

Philly’s Electric Factory was packed, but that was before 30 Seconds To Mars came on stage. This was only the beginning; the calm before the incredible thrashing storm of the Into The Wild tour. Ticketbuyers sat through 3 opening acts that each played several songs. Let’s face it; most people aren’t excited for anyone but

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Neon Trees Debut Their Animalistic “Habits” on the Music Scene!

Leading with the climbing hit single “Animal”, Neon Trees is paving a road for success. “Animal” has already appeared on hit CW shows like “Melrose Place”. With a catchy hook that attaches itself to you the more you listen to it, “Animal” was the perfect first single for the band. “I’m kind of a masochist when I’m in love,” lead singer Tyler Glenn told StarShine in a recent interview when asked about the song. “I feel like we’re all kind of animals when we’re in love when you strip it down. We’re all territorial.”