Ron Howard Shares What It Takes to be a Filmmaker with the Tribeca Film Festival

The 14th Annual Tribeca Film Festival announced its call for submissions and the 2015 dates yesterday. To encourage filmmakers for this year’s festival, the amazing Ron Howard shared some tips in this witty video.

Vegucated: A Must See Documentary

I stumbled across a post about Vegucated on Twitter and immediately looked up the documentary on Netflix.  Being a vegan myself, I was curious of the obstacles others face once their eyes are open to this lifestyle.  I originally went vegan in 2008, but had stumbled and fallen off the wagon many times in my

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Lemonade Mouth’s Adam Hicks Discusses the Film, the Music & the Revolution!

You may have seen this ginger kid on Disney XD’s “Zeke and Luther” as just a crazy character, but Adam Hicks is more than comedic relief on a children’s show. Adam is a true musician, songwriter, rapper, actor and revolution-starter, as you will see in the new musical movie, “Lemonade Mouth”.

Ben Bledsoe Talks Acting, Val Kilmer, Music & Natural Reunion Tour?

Ben Bledsoe is best known for being a part of the band Natural as well as for his international success with his solo album, An Insomniac’s Guide To A Lonely Heart, but now he’s also making a name for himself where he originated–acting. With a slew of TV guest spots on hit shows like “Glee”, “The Mentalist” and “CSI”, and after filming “Riddle”, a movie with Val Kilmer, which will be released in 2011, Ben is proving he has more than just music to offer the entertainment world. StarShine spoke to our old friend Ben recently over the phone to discuss his growing career and possibly a Natural tour…