Exclusive: Interview with American Sniper's Ben Reed

Bixby, Oklahoma-born actor, Ben Reed has a slew of TV credits to his name, like “Will & Grace”, “Reba”, and “Young & the Restless”. Now, it’s time to see Ben’s rugged good looks on the big screen. First, you can catch him playing Bradley Cooper’s father in the Oscar-buzzed Clint Eastwood-directed film, “American Sniper”. Ben will also be acting in a film he produced called “Starcrossed”, starring Misha Barton. I had the pleasure of speaking with this down-to-earth father of five. Find out what he has to say about working with Clint and Bradley and how becoming a film producer led him to concerning himself with port-a-potties and possibly hungover actors.

People's Choice Awards Winners & Highlights

The PCAs are one award show you won’t have to worry if your kids are in the room while you watch.  There were no really risque performances, even though Iggy Azalea gave a sexy one wearing skin-tight  white singing “Beg For It”, and hosts Anna Faris and Allison Janney kept jokes pretty PG-rated. Without the

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15 Films & TV Shows You Didn’t Know Used Green Screens

Back in the day, the use of green screens were almost always obvious in movies and TV.  Nowadays, we bet you can’t tell that some of your favorite movies and TV shows didn’t use real cityscapes.  Check out these 15 surprising green screened productions! GAME OF THRONES OK, so you probably didn’t think the dragons

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DVD Review: “Frankie & Alice” Starring Halle Berry

Halle Berry was nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Frankie, along with her other 2 personalities — Alice, a Southern white racist trying to take over for Frankie, and Genius, an intellectual child wanting to protect her. Read Half Full’s review of “Frankie & Alice”…