Passing Mom's Light Onto The Next Generation

Happy Mother’s Day!  This particular day is often difficult for me.  I’m usually left alone to mourn my Mom all over again.  It’s hard for some to understand — to those who never made a big deal about the holiday and who still have their mom with them. I would be celebrating my sister-in-law since

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Mother's Day Cocktail: Cruzan Peach Sparkler

Like Mimosas, but are kind of bored with the traditional brunch fare? Cruzan makes a Peach Rum that is great with orange juice or you can add a splash to iced tea for a spiked peach tea! Cruzan Peach is light and summery, but still has a punch that you want from rum.
If you want to get fancier for Mother’s Day, try this recipe and impress your friends and family.

AJ McLean Talks Mother’s Day with Mom, Denise Solis!

StarShine writer and Mom, Denise Solis along with her son, Backstreet Boy Alex “AJ” McLean interview each other on their relationship in this Mother’s Day special! DENISE to AJ What is a childhood memory that sticks in your mind? When I was about 7 years old we were driving home from a theatre group rehearsal

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