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PLAYLIST: New Music Radar – 2.17 – BANKS, JAX, Bastille, Vérité , LANY + More

TMJ! Radio is kicking it up a notch in 2017 with Spotify playlists on new music on our radar!  Don’t have time to scavenge for new releases full of music you don’t really like?  Believe us, we’ve been there.  I listened to a new music playlist recently and wondered where did they find such a awesomely bad list of crappy music!

While you might not agree with every song we add, we think there will be something you’ll like and gives you a chance to discover new artists worth listening to!  Not to mention, we’ll post songs from some of your favorite music artists with new releases – and not just by Adele and Justin Bieber, but by artists from all generations.

New Music Radar!

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1. “Trainwreck” – BANKS
The new single from Trip-Hopper is from her second album, The Harvest. BANKS will be on tour this spring and performing at Coachella.


Bastille's latest album
Bastille’s latest album

2. “Blame” – Bastille
The pop band’s single “Blame” off their new album, Wild World was inspired about gangster movies, “American History X” and “The Godfather”. Bastille will also be appearing Coachella and are currently on their North American tour.


3. “Stars” – JAX
American Idol season 14 alum, JAX released her debut EP, Funny last week and the single “Stars” was the result of her persevering through a battle with thyroid cancer. Check out my interview with her here.



4.  “Pilot With A Fear Of Heights” – Felicity
The 18-year-old powerhouse first gained attention with her first single “Poison” receiving over 400,000 plays on Spotify. Now she’s back with “Pilot with a Fear of Heights”, which was conceptualized while Felicity was on a plane and found the irony amusing. “The idea that someone could be so very destined for something and yet be so afraid to fulfill it,” she says.

Mating Ritual
Mating Ritual

5. “American Muscle” – Mating Ritual
The band’s debut album How You Gonna Stop It? Volume 1 is available now and they kicked off their tour last week in San Francisco. If you like catchy indie pop, then Mating Ritual is right up your alley! “American Muscle” is a danceable track reminiscent of ’80s pop!


6. “Phase Me Out” – Vérité
Vérité recently appeared on TODAY as their artist of the month. The alt-pop New Yorker has already hit 1 million streams on Spotify with “Phase Me Out”.




“ILYSB” stands for “I love you so bad” and that’s kind of how you feel about this song. LANY is a trio that creates beautiful pop tracks with all of the right elements, and they do it all in a small room on an old laptop. The band will be on tour this April!


8. “Sticks and Stones” – FRND
FRND (pronounced friend) recently released a stripped down version of their single, “Sticks and Stones” and it’s perfection. The instrumentation is enough to make you love the song, but combined with the lyrics and FRND’s voice, we’re hooked!

Ricky Reed
Ricky Reed

9. “Be The 1” – Ricky Reed
Grammy-nominated producer Ricky Reed released his own single, “Be The 1” last week. With a sweet melody and synth beat that is making a comeback, “Be The 1” is a hit. Reed has been telling other people’s stories, working with artists like Meghan Trainor, but now he gets to tell his own story.


rotana10. “Daddy” – Rotana
Making her debut is Saudi Arabian artist, Rotana with “Daddy”, a powerful and addictive song. “Daddy is societal boundaries, the obsession with celebrity and wealth. Most of all, Daddy is the voice in your head that has convinced you that you can’t,” Rotana says of the song’s message.

Mags Duval
Mags Duval

11. “Stay Lonely” – Mags Duval
This song will resonate with many people. Nashville singer-songwriter, Mags Duval’s debut single “Stay Lonely” is about the complicated feelings that go on in a relationship. “I don’t love you enough to be your lover, but I love you too much to be your friend” is the lyric the song opens with and from there the lyrics only resonate more with anyone who’s been in a complicated relationship. (Which let’s face it – is every relationship!)


12. “No Matter” – Frances
UK singer/songwriter Frances announced her debut album will be released on March 17th. Until then, we have her single, “No Matter” to wet our palettes. “No Matter” is a song about humanity and how no matter the differences, deep down, we’re all the same.

New Music Radar!

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JAX Drops Debut EP “Funny” Today + Discusses American Idol, Battle with Cancer

JAX - Funny EP
“Funny” available now on iTunes.

New Jersey native, JAX won the world over on season 14 of “American Idol” with her sassy rock style, talent and likability.  While she placed 3rd in the competition, J.Lo stated she could have won the whole thing.

After the show ended, JAX was ready to jump head first into her music career, but that didn’t happen when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 20-years-old.

She had her thyroid removed along with radiation treatment and is back to great health.  JAX took that scary situation and wrote about it on her debut EP, Funny, which drops today on iTunes!

The 6-song EP features JAX’s sultry vocals, poppy hooks and intoxicating melodies.  Read what JAX has to say about the EP in my interview with her!

Hi JAX! Thanks for letting me pick your brain. How is 2017 treating you so far?

Hey! Of course! Looking forward to it. 2017 has already been a blast. January is a crazy month!

Congratulations on the upcoming EP! How would you describe the sound and vibe of the songs on Funny?

I think the lyrical tone is honest, vulnerable, and incredibly sarcastic. I refer to the overall sound as “confused pop”. I think it has some rock and electronic elements…And on tracks like Funny even some hip hop. But at the end of the day it’s clearly a pop record and I hope it brings good energy to everyone listening. I always thought pop music was the universal language.

Photo by Cortney Armitage
Photo by Cortney Armitage

I know you endured some serious health issues. What got you through those dark days?

Writing and exercising! I trained for a marathon once the doctors told me I could work out again and I basically lived in the studio aside from that. Writing has always been my go-to outlet when I’m going through something. Running and creating were the most cathartic healing methods for me on a physical and emotional level.

“Stars” is your first single. What does that song mean to you?

“Stars” was the first track in the writing process (among a few others that never made the EP lineup) where I wrote and sang about what I was going through health-wise. It was the first moment I could appreciate the strength that came out of a dark time for me and I wanted to share my story…because I know I’m not the only one.

What was it like working with Nash Overstreet from Hot Chelle Rae?

LOVE Nash. He’s the coolest. He also brought this gem Sidnie Tipton on board in the studio who is just as rad as Nash. We had the most natural session and then went and ordered ramen. So Cal 😜

There are plenty of people that are skeptical of the “American Idol” process and results. How has the show helped and hurt you?

I think it was an incredible platform and learning experience regardless of the results. I made some of the best friends I’ll ever have on the show and I got to embark on this wild journey of television, which I had zero experience in coming onto the show. It was definitely a trip and there are emotional ups and downs in every intense experience. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Now that the EP is out, what’s next? Touring? More recording?

YES. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. Definitely working on some shows and I’m always in the studio banging out new material.

Describe what a JAX concert is like.

Being on stage is by far my favorite part of this whole things. I have a pretty special connection with the fans and it always gets pretty intimate. It’s pretty surreal to me still that people come out to see me…It’s seriously humbling. I love to break it down at the piano because it gives me some space to breathe and converse with the audience…Feel out the crowd. Every crowd is different. At the end of the day I just hope people leave the show with a smile on their face, feeling like they had their own personal connection with the music and show.

If you could tell your fans one thing collectively, what would it be?

Weird. Is. Beautiful.

Listen to the Funny EP on Spotify!

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Featured photo by Cortney Armitage.