StarShine Interviews our Artist to Watch MATISSE!

StarShine was able to get some one-on-one time with our 2010 Artist to Watch, Matisse, a couple of weeks ago to find out more about this new Jive recording artist.  Not only has this girl got the look and the sound, but she’s got the personality to boot!  Matisse is easy to talk to and

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Aaron Carter Talks New Music, Michael Jackson + Struggles in New Interview

Back in 2002, StarShine’s coverage of Aaron Carter’s Winter Party tour put our name on the map! When he was a teen, long before Bieber fever was ailing the world, girls were yelling “Oh Aaron!” After management struggles, public family feuds and many growing pains, Aaron is rising out of the ashes from child stardom and into a 22-year-old do-it-himself music artist!

Ben Bledsoe Talks Acting, Val Kilmer, Music & Natural Reunion Tour?

Ben Bledsoe is best known for being a part of the band Natural as well as for his international success with his solo album, An Insomniac’s Guide To A Lonely Heart, but now he’s also making a name for himself where he originated–acting. With a slew of TV guest spots on hit shows like “Glee”, “The Mentalist” and “CSI”, and after filming “Riddle”, a movie with Val Kilmer, which will be released in 2011, Ben is proving he has more than just music to offer the entertainment world. StarShine spoke to our old friend Ben recently over the phone to discuss his growing career and possibly a Natural tour…

Interview with 30 Seconds To Mars’ Shannon Leto

Twelve years and three albums later, 30 Seconds To Mars has solidified themselves in the music industry as musically dynamic and a band that fans all over the world connect with on many levels. StarShine’s editor-in-chief, Sandy Lo had the chance to speak with founding member Shannon Leto a couple of weeks ago to discuss the band’s message and their current Into The Wild Tour.

Meet Livvi Franc

Upcoming Bajan singer/songwriter and 2009 StarShine Artist to Watch, Livvi Franc chatted with us to introduce herself to our readers recently. Her debut single “Now I’m That Bitch” hits radio this summer and Livvi who has been laying low in her native land of Barbados while she recorded her debut album, is excited to be

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