Sandy’s first signing a Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Lacey’s Bridge Tavern in Staten Island, NY to support me and “Lost In You”! We had great food, good people and some great discussion about books (I even sold quite a few of my own)! I was asked a lot of fun questions about both “Lost In

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Dream Catchers: Chapter 2 – Penniless In Pinkston

I walked through the rotating glass door with my hand on my purse, and sighed at the overcrowded station crawling with community college kids. All of the kids that went to my school had cars, or their parents picked them up. As a sophomore, students weren’t allowed to have a car on campus. My parents

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Dream Catchers: Chapter 1 – Boston Blues

A nightmare startled me awake. Groaning, I rolled over and glanced at the alarm clock. 4:07. I groaned louder. Two hours? I thought the later I went to bed the more likely I was to fall soundly asleep. It had taken me a good twenty minutes to get comfortable before drifting off. And two hours

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Welcome to the ALL-NEW!

Hello!  Sorry it has taken a minute to get this all up & running again…but I hope you like the new site!  New things will be added soon including reviews, interviews, events to support Lost In You and more info on my second novel, Dream Catchers and my book with Anna Sundstrand!!!  Also, I now

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Tortured: Videos

This is the debut performance of “Haley’s Letter” at the “Dream Catchers” book release party. The song is being performed by Alexander Kikis and the producer of the song, James Manzello. Lyrics were written by Sandy Lo and music was written by James Manzello and co-produced by Frans Mernick.