Video: DWTS' Maks Flash Mobs Across L.A.!

Ballroom choreographer and Dancing with the Stars’ former leading man, Maksim Chmerkovskiy has been organizing “MaksMobs” across the country. Basically him and a team of dancers break out into a highly-entertaining routine in crowded city areas in front of unsuspecting folks passing by. Check out Maksim’s latest “MaksMob” in popular hot spots throughout Los Angeles!

Aaron Carter Talks New Music, Michael Jackson + Struggles in New Interview

Back in 2002, StarShine’s coverage of Aaron Carter’s Winter Party tour put our name on the map! When he was a teen, long before Bieber fever was ailing the world, girls were yelling “Oh Aaron!” After management struggles, public family feuds and many growing pains, Aaron is rising out of the ashes from child stardom and into a 22-year-old do-it-himself music artist!

Maks & Karina “Burn The Floor” on Broadway!

Imagine the sensuality and sharp movements you see on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” right in front of your face.  The Latin beats thudding your heart, the intense spirit of each dance locking you in place.  Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s every muscle flexing before your very eyes… No, I’m not creating some erotic fantasy for you–although watching

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