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VIDEO: Kevin Smith & Harley Quinn Talk Compassion & Going All The Way

Filmmaker Kevin Smith and his actress daughter, Harley Quinn Smith discuss her decision to go vegan over a meal at Doomie’s Home Cookin’ in LA. The father-daughter duo have an open and honest conversation about the stigma of vegan food, what we were taught growing up about eating animals and why Harley wanted to “go all the way” for them The video is part of Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Meals series, which encourages people to take a friend out for a compassionate meal and engage in conversation about what compassion is.

Instead of taking a bullying approach that so many animal activists resort to, the Compassionate Meals series opens the conversation between vegans and nonvegans to talk about our beliefs and the welfare of animals.

For more information: farmsanctuary.org

Black, White, Animal or Human: ALL Lives Matter

I am usually someone who steers clear of controversy.  I don’t talk politics or bash any gender, race, or belief.  We judge too much in this world and I don’t believe most of it is our business.  With that said, I felt I needed to write this.  When it comes to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, I have seen my Facebook friends go too far left and right with their thoughts.  Yes, they are entitled and I tend to end up somewhere in the middle of all of their views and I still have never vocalized my thoughts to any of them.

So why am I speaking out now?  The #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.  Yes, I agree black lives DO matter, but I don’t agree with promoting such a segregated statement.  I don’t feel these types of posts/hashtags are bringing us anywhere close to equality.  In fact, I think it’s setting us back.  How about a hashtag like #AllLivesMatter?  Isn’t that really what we’re trying to accomplish here?

I know that’s what I want for this world.  I’m an advocate of all living organisms.  I believe everyone has rights, everyone deserves protection, and we are all intelligent enough to figure out that no race, gender, or religion can be generalized by a few bad examples.

I just want people to stop hating, stop judging, and start showing compassion.