“Breaking The Moon” Cover & Release Date!!!

“Breaking The Moon”, the follow up to Sandy Lo’s 2009 novel “Dream Catchers” will be released April 12th in paperback on Lulu.com & ebook on Kindle.com. Amazon.com will release a paperback edition as well later in the year. Lo plans to also release a special edition of “Dream Catchers” that will include “Breaking The Moon” for those who have yet to read the first book in 2-part series. Details on the 2-book release will be announced soon.

“Breaking The Moon” Contest!

Can’t wait for Sandy Lo’s next novel “BREAKING THE MOON”? Well, what if you didn’t have to wait?  That’s right–Sandy will send you the first 10 chapters on March 1st IF you do one simple, little thing… Go to Amazon.com and leave a review for “Lost In You” and/or “Dream Catchers”! All it takes is

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Procrastinating The End Of An Era

I’ve been whining and tweeting about finishing “Breaking The Moon” for a month or so now.  I will finish this novel and it will be tomorrow.  It’s like I said in one of my tweets: “Finishing a novel is like saying goodbye; that’s why it’s so hard to do”.  I think about Haley and how

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