Snack Healthy: 4 Chip Alternatives You'll Love

Being a former snack-a-holic myself, I still go through periods of needing a good snack fix. I’m not talking dessert, but those crunchy, salty things you can’t eat just one of. You know what I’m talking about: potato chips, cheese doodles, nachos, and the like. Check out Half Full’s picks for healthy chip time snacking…

Veganize It: Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini

Before my vegan days, my favorite sandwich at Starbucks was the Chicken Santa Fe Panini.  Sometimes I still get a hankering for the sandwich served on flatbread with the sour cream chili spread and peppers.  I always paired it with BBQ chips. (My favorite chip flavor!) Well, I had faith I could replicate this sandwich

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