Time To Move On…

Sandy Lo discusses her decision to leave Nashville and move back to New York as well as future plans…   I am someone who adapts easily, embraces change and looks forward to new adventures and setting new goals for myself. For these reasons alone, I have decided to move back to New York. To many, this comes as a surprise. I’ve been hearing things like, “I thought you loved Nashville?” Oh, and I do love Nashville—very much so! I will miss all of my friends, who have become a second family to me. I will miss the cafes and convenience of things being fairly close together.

Update & “Dream Catchers” Release Date!!!

I apologize for not posting more often on here.  You know how it goes – StarShine, writing, life… I am VERY happy to announce “DREAM CATCHERS” will be available on www.lulu.com January 26, 2010!!! I plan to have a book release/birthday party some time before that date at The Cup in Staten Island, NY.  I

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