Aaron Carter is All About Love

Aaron Carter is performing at Crash Mansion in NYC on October 17th. I chatted with him the night before to see what new developments he had up his sleeve. Although, he didn’t have details on his world tour or album yet, we talked about his fans, his SMA nominations and working with Johnny Wright again.

Aaron Carter Talks New Music, Michael Jackson + Struggles in New Interview

Back in 2002, StarShine’s coverage of Aaron Carter’s Winter Party tour put our name on the map! When he was a teen, long before Bieber fever was ailing the world, girls were yelling “Oh Aaron!” After management struggles, public family feuds and many growing pains, Aaron is rising out of the ashes from child stardom and into a 22-year-old do-it-himself music artist!

Interview with “House of Carters” Star, Bobbie Jean Carter

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): First, congratulations on your show. Bobbie Jean Carter: Thank you! Sandy: You guys finished the first season, correct? BJ: Mmm-hmm, that’s correct. Sandy: After filming, what do you feel the biggest accomplishment is that you achieved as a family? BJ: As a family we definitely achieved reuniting each other. What we’ve done

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Leslie Carter is Paving Her Own Way

It’s been about five years since some of us heard from Radio Disney friendly Leslie Carter. But for many of you, this might be the first time hearing that name. You’re probably asking yourselves if she’s related to the same blood line that brought you Nick and Aaron… well, yes, she’s their sister. But don’t

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2002: Aaron Carter’s Winter Party Tour

Though StarShine was formed in July 2001, it wasn’t until January 29, 2002 that it went from the title newsletter to magazine.  Editor-In-Chief, Sandy Lo went backstage at an Aaron Carter concert for the first time where she made connections with artists and industry insiders that still stand today.  Here is the original article published

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