GET THIS: THIS IS WAR Deluxe Edition – 30 Seconds To Mars

More and more people around the world have been hearing about 30 Seconds To Mars. FINALLY! With the attention from MTV and VH1, it’s only a matter of time before the Echelon (3oSTM’s devout fans) will expand even more. Beware new 30STM fans: As the “Closer To The Edge” video states, “Yes, this is a cult.” In no way is that a bad thing, either. I had followed the band’s career here and there over the past 12 years. “The Kill” and “A Beautiful Lie” had been in my iTunes library for a long time, but it wasn’t until 2009 when I was looking for more rock music to inspire me while writing my novel “Dream Catchers” that I decided to give some of the band’s other songs a listen. Once I started downloading (legally, of course!), I couldn’t stop! I bought the first two albums by the band and had to know when the next one would be released! Their music is insanely infectious and intricately done. I’ve never seen any artist put so much into everything like these guys do.

2010 StarShine Magazine Music Award Nominees Diversify from new heartthrob Justin Bieber to old ones like Backstreet Boys along with Lady Gaga, 30 Seconds to Mars and Goo Goo Dolls

The 8th annual StarShine Music Awards (SMAs) nominees has branched out this year to include more rock-based artists like multi-platinum selling acts 30 Seconds To Mars and Goo Goo Dolls, who go head to head for many awards like Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. Also up for the big honors are tween favorite Justin Bieber and party monster Lady Gaga. Bieber grabs the most nominations with 9, setting a new record for most nominations in a year.

What’s surprising is the Backstreet Boys being acknowledged for 7 categories with their latest, slightly under the radar release, This Is Us. “We choose nominees based on their presence on,” explains founding editor, Sandy Lo. “The Backstreet Boys were at the foundation of StarShine when we began in 2001. It’s great to see now that we have popular, fresh acts like Gaga and Bieber that we still have readers that want BSB and Aaron Carter… Read More

30 Seconds To Mars: “Into The Wild” Tour Photos!

Back in April, StarShine brought you a bunch of 30 Seconds To Mars tour coverage including a review of their Philly show with photos and an interview with Shannon Leto. We know you love this band, so we decided to throw in some new photos from their Atlantic City House of Blues show on September 4, 2010.

Australian Rockers Violent Soho Talk America, Jared Leto’s Health & “Muscle Junkie”

Violent Soho is a rock band not from New York or London, but Brisbane, Australia. The band name has nothing to do with their location, but rather a Rancid song called “Ruby Soho”. Though America is just now getting to know the band via various rock shows along with their recent run on 30 Seconds To Mars’ “Into The Wild” tour, Violent Soho have been playing together since 2004. When StarShine sat down with the band backstage at Atlantic City’s House of Blues, we were able to get an inside glimpse at the struggles of making it as a band from another country.

Author Sandy Lo Interviews 30 Seconds To Mars, Her Inspiration Behind Latest Book Dream Catchers!

Author and journalist SANDY LO had the opportunity to speak with the musical inspiration behind her latest novel, DREAM CATCHERS earlier this month. In an interview for StarShine Magazine, Lo spoke with Shannon Leto, founding member of the popular rock band, 30 SECONDS TO MARS. Upon discussing his latest tour, she was able to inform Leto of the impact his music has had on inspiring TORTURED, Lo’s band in the novel. Leto was grateful and thought it was “very cool”.

“I am so fortunate to be in the position I am in to speak with my musical muse for Dream Catchers”, explains Lo. “30 Seconds to Mars are really amazing.” Mars’ front man and actor, Jared Leto even inspired the main character, Jordan Walsh, a bit. “As a teenager, I was a fan of ‘My So-Called Life’ and fell in love with Jared’s character, Jordan Catalano, which is why I named my main character Jordan,” Lo shares.