Stop The Hate: Cyber Bullying Celebrities

stopthehateYesterday I posted on my personal Facebook page about Justin Bieber to some mixed feedback, but most agreed.  Unlike what is being seen all over the news and social media, I did not bash him, tell him to pull up his pants, call him inappropriate names, say his music sucks or his career is over.

I understand we have freedom of speech, but to use that freedom to bully and slander anyone – whether it be a celebrity or not – is disgusting.  What good does your verbally spitting in Justin’s 19-year-old face or wishing death on him do for yourself, others or to Justin himself?

We are not here to judge anyone.  We should not be tearing anyone down.  How would you like it if every mistake you ever made was publicized to the world?  Have you ever been shamed by a parent for a mistake?  Imagine that feeling, only now not only your parents, friends, and family are criticizing you, but so are strangers, who never knew any of the good things about you; they are only aware of the bad things.

If Justin is going to move past his rebellious behavior, he needs to be surrounded by positivity and good, strong people.  I don’t know the world of Justin Bieber personally, but it is apparent that child stars stand a high risk of falling from grace at least once throughout their life.  Look at Drew Barrymore, Aaron Carter, River Phoenix, Leif Garrett, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey, Jr. and so many, many more who have been arrested, fallen into the depths of drug and sex addiction.  And some of them even wore their pants hanging off their butts just like Bieber, (remember Wahlberg in his Marky Mark days?).  Some of these stars were able to come back around to better themselves and the lives of those around them!

I repeat I do not condone Justin’s bad behavior.  I also don’t condone condemning someone I don’t know for situations I was not present for by hearing things passed down from person to person, from newsroom to newsroom to Twitter feed to Facebook feed.

Let’s face it, Bieber has had more haters than Beliebers from the start.  People posting fake death notices and news stories, criticizing his choice of style, his hair, his intelligence, and saying he looked like a girl.  This is all harmful.  Words are powerful, especially with the rise of social media.

I’m especially ashamed of those so-called adults posting such horrific hate toward anyone.  What it all comes down to is, what the hell has Justin Bieber done to you?  Unless you are his neighbor who’s house he bombed, probably nothing!

Instead, try and spread hope and love for another human being.  Pray (or wish if that’s more your thing) that Justin will get through this period and find stability in his crazy lifestyle.