Snowbound and Motivated

Being back in New York this winter, I have learned that I’m not too fond of snow anymore.  As a kid, and even most of my adult years, I would pray for snow and play in it when it came.  A few years ago, my sister and I made snow angels on New Year’s Eve with no coats on… maybe we were a little tipsy, but we were eager to do it.
Now, I long for beach weather like I had in Florida (and was so sick of by the time I left).  I miss being able to go for a walk, feeling the sun on my face, and doing an outdoor workout if I felt like it.
I walked to a nearby Starbucks a few times this winter, and it wasn’t a picnic.  I almost slipped into a sewer at one point!  Ice, snow, cold rain = no fun for a pedestrian.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Long Island isn’t very pedestrian equipped.  Most main roads have no sidewalks and most busstops aren’t marked.  Add the snow to the mix, I’m practically walking with traffic or waiting for a bus in the actual street.
The one time I did go out to play in the snow with my niece and nephew.  I think I got frostbite!  My niece definitely did.
In spite of the weather, I am more motivated than ever to continue my healthy journey.  My brother is even joining me somewhat.  He is challenging himself to be vegetarian for at least a little while.  He’s made me his personal chef and I joined his gym, so we can go together.
It’s been an adjustment for him, to get back into the swing of working out and eating healthier.  I’m trying to make heartier meals, since I’m already accustomed to eating less and healthier, and his appetite is bigger.
Though now that I’m working out again, I find myself hungrier than usual.  So after a workout, we usually have smoothies.
Other than maintaining a healthy regimen, I’m trying to balance getting all of my articles in for the spring issue of Runway, and keeping Half Full Magazine as active as possible.  I really want to make my website a well-rounded powerhouse in online magazines.  And of course, I’m working on writing “The Reunion“.  I’m at the point in the novel where I think everything is crap, a common emotion I go through at the quarter mark, haha.  I usually step away at this point then come back a week later, read through it all, and find I love it.  Hopefully that happens again!
Well, that’s all for now.  Feel free to comment and share what’s going on in your world!  I love hearing from you!
Hugs, Kisses & Stars,


  • Sandy Lo

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