Sandy is a skilled freelance digital strategist.  She create publicity campaigns for clients that involve social media strategy, promotional email blasts and press releases, as well as rallying together fans and partners to help push a project.  She has worked with Relativity Media, Universal Music Group, Hidden Beach Entertainment, and Bombay Company.

Aside from all-inclusive marketing packages, Sandy also has experience running street teams, creating media kits, press releases, artist bios, and coordinting and promoting fan events.


  • PRESS RELEASES – Writing and Distributing.
  • EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Configuration and Distribution.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Account Creations and Managing.
  • ePR – Distributing press releases/blasts to lists of journalists/bloggers and individually pitching.
  • FAN AMBASSADORS/STREET TEAMS – Identifying your most influential and supportive fans and recruiting their help.
  • PRESS DAYS – Coordinating interviews.
  • ANALYTICS – Detailed social media reports which shows your network’s growth, reach and engagement.

For pricing and inquiries:  Services are offered a la carte or monthly flat rate.


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