Play’s Last Stand

During Play’s down time in Sweden, Anna Sundstrand, Rosie Munter, and Janet Leon took some time out to call StarShine to talk about topics that’s been on our readers’ minds lately. Though Anais Lameche was unavailable, Play’s manager, Laila Bagge informed us she is finishing up school before starting her solo career. Though this will be StarShine’s last interview with Play, we know this will be just the beginning of our journey with the solo members of the group, so always stay tuned to!

Play on the Group’s Split…
Well, you know what–we’ve been together for such a long time, almost five years. After a while, all the girls wanted to do different stuff, you know? Everybody wants to explore different things and we just thought, ‘you know what, let’s just take a break right now’.
Rosie: We decided to break up because we thought that it was time to go our own ways. We really appreciate what the fans have done for us and everything. It was just time to go our own way. We’ve been growing up a lot, so… that’s about it. [laughs] Janet: Well, I think that we just felt that we wanted to do different things. I just felt that I wanted to go solo and the other girls felt the same thing. And I understand that the girls… they’ve been together for so long and you know, I can understand that you want to do different things after a while, so we decided to split up.

Play on Still Being Friends…
Absolutely! Well, actually… [laughs] Anais and me are neighbors, so…
Rosie: There’s no hard feelings involved. We’re all still friends, you know?

Play on Solo Careers…
I’m very excited actually! It’s been doing really good and I can’t wait! I’m going back in the middle of January to New York to do a lot of recording. Oh, there’s so much going on. I will be performing a lot, so… I will keep you guys updated.
Rosie: I’m going to stay in the business. Right now I am writing a lot of songs. I’m also a songwriter, not only an artist. So I’m writing a lot of songs and I’m going to work with a lot of producers in the future. I’ve been working a lot with a band. So it’s a little rocky and almost a little souly sometimes with all the harmonies and everything, but it’s like rock/pop.
Janet: I’m going solo. I’m in the studio right now. I’m recording my song for the album with Anders Bagge. We’re just figuring out the songs and trying to find the sound. But we’ve been thinking about [releasing the album] maybe in a year.

Play on their 2005 StarShine Readers’ Choice Awards…
I’m so happy! I’m thrilled! That’s awesome. I was so surprised. I just really wanna say… Thanks everyone for supporting us even though we split up. I just think all the fans have been amazing in supporting me with my solo career and everything. I just want to thank them. And thanks everybody who voted for us to actually win this award. I’m so proud of the group and I just want to thank everybody.
Rosie: I’m very excited and I’m very happy for everyone that voted for us! Even though we’re not a group anymore, all of us really appreciate it. It really means something to us. I just want to say that I really appreciate everything that you’ve done for us. [Says with emphasis] I wanna say thank you for voting for us and letting us win these three awards. [laughs] And of course, check out my music in the future and just stay updated because I’m going to have a lot of things coming up soon.
Janet: Oh my God, that was so cool! I just wanted to thank everybody for voting. I just wanted to say how much we appreciate that you guys just cared to vote for us. And it means a lot because I saw the nominees and I was like, ‘whoa, we won!’ [laughs]


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