Our Beachy Wedding Weekend: Day 2: Bridal / Bachelorette Party

Our wedding weekend took place in St. Augustine, Florida. If you missed part one of this series, you can read it here. Otherwise read on for plenty of mermaid and pirate party fun!

DAY 2 - Bridal Shower

2 days before we said "I do"!

I got up early and got ready for the day before diving into setting up for my bridal shower, which was also happening at Castlegate–the beach house rental property that was also hosting our wedding. Not surprisingly, Steven, the bridal party, and their significant others were all still asleep. They were all tired from travel and laughing until well after midnight the night before. I was too excited to be tired. I had spent months planning this weekend, and the suspense was finally over. Picture a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come–that was me for 10 months straight!

Ever since I was a kid, The Little Mermaid resonated with me. I loved swimming, being near the ocean, and a good romance… so I was stoked to finally have my own mermaid-themed party! This was one of the reasons I wanted to plan the bridal shower myself – I wanted to come up with all of the ideas and décor for it!

Once everyone else was awake, the girls (my maid of honor and bridesmaids) helped me set up while the guys (Steven, the groomsmen, and the girls’ significant others) got ready to evacuate the area. The guys were all heading to Jacksonville, but splitting off from each other. The bridesmaids’ significant others went to Top Golf with my brother while Steven and the groomsmen went to Autobahn Jacksonville (now called K1 Speed).

Back at the house, we continued to set up décor, Mermaid punch, games, and favors. I catered from Maple Street Biscuit Company and Publix with cupcakes from Luli’s Cupcakes. Everyone raved about the food and how cute everything was, which made me so happy to hear. It was wonderful having all of my favorite women together. Playing the games were a blast and I loved how competitive everyone got. I put together 10+ games that I gathered from various places on the internet and bought fun prizes (mostly from Amazon) for the winners.

I hadn’t intended on doing a big gift opening presentation, but we were ahead of schedule and everyone seemed to want me to do it. I always figured it was boring watching someone else open gifts, but since it was a smaller shower of about 20 of us, I guess that wasn’t the case.

Instead of a guest book, I had guests write a date night idea since that’s mine and Steven’s thing and I also had blank recipe cards for people to contribute to my recipe book. For favors, I got adorable mermaid tail key chains with a built-in chapstick holder. I also included on-theme chapsticks inside them as well. I got both the keychain and chapstick from Etsy.

My mother-in-law made tissue holders out of my grandmother's wedding dress for me, my sisters, and my two aunts in memory of my grandmother and my mother.
Lingerie from my sister haha!
This was a gift from my sister-in-law. She had a handwritten recipe of my mother's printed onto this cutting board. As you might be able to tell, I cried lol.
Bride/Mermaid Squad! Natalie, Kindell, and Danielle

The bridal shower ran for four hours and then it was time for the parental figures and youngins (my niece) to leave so we could get ready for the bachelorette/bachelor party!

Steven and I hadn’t intended on having a co-ed bach party initially. It just so happened that I suggested an idea to the best man for what they could do since he was from out of town and didn’t know the area. Well, turns out that my bridesmaids also had the same idea – a Rum Runner Booze Cruise on the Black Raven Pirate Ship! It went perfectly with the mermaid theme, not to mention that Steven loves pirates (in fact, our first Halloween costume as a couple was a pirate and a mermaid). So we all took a shuttle to downtown St. Augustine where the pirate ship was. Shout out to Scooter Shuttle, who was also the shuttle company for our wedding.

We spent the next two hours at sea with drinks and silly dirty jokes made by a bunch of pirates. At one point, they asked for any celebrations. When it came to us and we made it known that we were celebrating our bach parties together, we were fully expecting to be razzed, but to our and everyone else’s disappointment, we got nothing! 👎

I was supposed to bring dare cards for all of the girls to have to do, but I forgot them so my sister and a couple of my friends dared me to do embarrassing things that they came up with or found on Google. I had to ask a random guy for his phone number with my fiancé standing ten feet away! But I’m a sucker for a dare and Steven didn’t mind it. Plus, I told the guy it was a dare thirty seconds later anyway haha. Calling a random person in my phone contacts was another dare and singing “I Will Always Love You” to them was another dare. My friend had to pick the person at random for me, which wound up being a screenwriter acquaintance of mine and I got his voicemail. I texted him after letting him know why he was being serenaded by me two days before my wedding. 😆

*There was an equal amount of guys with us, I swear. They just hung out on the other side of the boat most of the time, haha. 

After we docked, the guys took a shuttle back to Castlegate to have a game night. I made sure to order some extra food from catering for the bridal shower so there was plenty of food to feed the guys. (In fact, there was plenty of food that fed us the rest of the weekend!)

The plan for the girls was to stay in downtown St. Augustine and eat dinner then find a cool lounge/bar to hang out in and maybe dance. However, I was already drunk and a crying-laughing mess by this point! Literally.

I couldn’t laugh without crying and I couldn’t cry without laughing! I thought Steven was mad at me for being dared to hook some guy’s butt with a plastic pirate hook–a dare my sister thought of. Spoiler alert: Steven wasn’t mad at all. The alcohol, stress, and fun just all crashed together to send me into this state of hysteria that didn’t calm down until I had some food and water in me at a restaurant called Side Car.

The waiter at Side Car was not amused by my drunk jokes about his name, which was Lance. How could I not make a boy band joke?

Lance: Would you like a box to take home the rest of your food?

Drunk Me: No, Lance. If the rest of *NSYNC is in the back, you can give it to them.

If you knew me you would know that I probably would have said that to him completely sober.🤷‍♀️😆

After dinner, we decided to call it a night earlier than expected. It had been a long day and some of us were tired and some were not feeling well. We called the shuttle and were back at the house before 1am.

The guys were still going strong except for Steven who was sitting on the couch looking worse for wear. He is not a big drinker and he drank whatever someone gave him to be a good sport.

I gave him Alka Seltzer and put him to bed before I tried to politely break up the party downstairs. No one got the hint and everyone was too drunk to understand that we all needed sleep, especially me. Eventually, (about two hours later) we got everyone out of the house and I finally got to bed.

Emotionally and physically, I was exhausted at that point and knew the next day would be tricky to navigate with it being the last day before the wedding. Some downtime was desperately needed and I wanted to keep it as low-key as possible. The past couple of nights, getting everyone to leave the house when I wanted them to/needed them to was hard. It wasn’t easy to tell friends and family they couldn’t come to the house the next day, but Steven and I made a pact at 3am that morning when I finally got into bed that we needed to do it for us. We needed a bit of calm before our big day.

Did we get it? Find out on the next episode of “Our Wedding Weekend”… 🤣

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